~ William Heath, Jr., of Prince George County

William Heath, Jr. of Prince George County: Son of William and Amy

William was taxed in 1704 for the 320 acres in the area of Charles City County that became Prince George County.  Adam Heath, his younger brother, was taxed for his land in Surry and Prince George.   In 1714 a deed notes the land of William Heath in Prince George adjacent to Cotton, James Minge and Thomas Eldridge.  In September, 1728 William Heath of Prince George County patented 100 acres of New Land in Isle of Wight County on the north side of the Three Creeks, on the south side of the Great Swamp, adjoining Thomas Griffin for 10 Shillings.  Among his neighbors were George Davenport and Matthew Marks, the father-in-law of George Davenport.

The will of Elizabeth Heath was filed in 1731 in Surry County, Virginia, and is badly damaged.  It is likely that much of it is lost to us. The executor was Benjamin Jones, who was noted as a cousin.  Legacies were left to Richard Jones and Thomas Jones; daughter Dinah Heath and Elizabeth (last name unreadable), widow, it would seem, of John Avery who is noted within the same context.  The will mentions land in Prince George County.  The witnesses were Richard Jones, John Jones and John Hammersly.  The appraisers were William Short, Mr. William Short, Jr. and William Harris.  The family of Richard Jones had members named Thomas, Benjamin, John and Richard.

It would seem that Elizabeth was the widow of William Heath.  There is no will which has survived for William.  He clearly died before Elizabeth wrote her own will in 1729.

Benjamin, Richard, and Thomas Jones

In 1721 in Isle of Wight is the will of Richard Jones. Of ye Upper Parish. Leg.-daughter Ann Bell, the land on which she and her husband William Bell live; son Samuel; son Richard; daughter Elizabeth; daughter Christian; daughter Sarah; daughter Mary; daughter Martha Davis; wife Elizabeth.  In 1757 the will of Richard Jones in Isle of Wight was filed listing son Benjamin, land bought of John Meacom, son Solomon, land bought of Major Richard Baker, son Jacob, son Richard, son Jesse and executor Mary Jones.

In 1782 Benjamin Jones appraised the estates of Britain Mangum and Willis Ward in Isle of Wight.  Appraising with him for Ward’s estate was Thomas Wrenn.  In 1793 he appraised the estate of Isaac Almand.  The estate of Jesse Jones was appraised by Thomas Wrenn, Benjamin Jones and Britain Ward in July 1784.  Jacob Jones estate was appraised by him in 1795.   In October 1795 he examined the estate of Richard Jones along with Thomas Wrenn, and William Gay.

The Children of William Heath, Jr. and Elizabeth Jones

It would seem that William and Elizabeth were the parents of Dinah, Susannah, Benjamin, William, and John.  Their children were likely born between 1660 and 1690.

Dinah Heath

No information has been uncovered about Dinah Heath.

Susannah Heath

In March of 1702, William Short and his wife, Susanna of  Southwarke Parish sold to George Rackill (Rachell), carpenter, for 500 pound tobacco, 50 acres, part of the land they then lived on, bounded by John Scogin, Richard Bullock, Mathew Wilkinson, and William Haroy.

The will of William Short was written April, 1736 and probated September, 1741 in Surry County, Virginia.  The will notes his wife, Susannah, his sons William and Thomas Short, daughter Mary Harriss, who received the use of a room in his home during her lifetime, grandchildren William, Sarah, Martha (children of William Short); granddaughter Susanne (child of Thomas Short); son-in-law William Harris; William Harris, who received the 150 acres on which his father lived, and Thomas Harris (grandsons).   He also notes, kinsman Benjamin Heath, to whom he left two cows and calves.  Kinsman could have meant a cousin or brother-in-law.  He also notes the estate of Peter Vincent, who, with Sarah Vincent, were the administrators.  The witnesses to his will were William Heath, Richard Jones and Richard Bullock.  The appraisers included John Mason, Christopher Tatum and William Heath.

Mary Short died soon after and directed that the legacies left her Harris grandsons should be used for Mary’s maintenance should she ever be widowed or in any way distressed.  She also received a riding horse and a chest of clothing.

Richard Jones and William Short were noted in deeds filed in 1737 and 1738 in Surry as living near each other on Upper Chippoakes Creek in Southwarke Parish, Surry County. Benjamin Heath and William Heath were probably Susannah Heath’s brothers.  Susanna and William Short were the parents of William Short, Thomas Short and Mary, who became the wife of William Harris.

Adam Heath

Adam Heath is the most likely candidate as the husband of Penelope Gee, daughter of Charles Gee and Bridget Nevill.  Adam Heath is noted in April, 1724 as witnessing the will of James Watkins in Surry County.  In Somerset County, Maryland, in January, 1726/27, Adam Heath with Thomas Humphris (ies) was an executor of the will of George Huchings.

In 1746 Adam Heath, with William Heath, witnessed a deed from Benjamin Heath of Prince George County for 241 acres in Amelia County.

The next mention of Adam Heath is in Amelia County.   In 1749 George Davenport, carpenter, sold 400 acres to John White, joiner, on both sides of Horsepen Creek in the Fork of the Nottoway River.  This deed was witnessed by Thomas Heath, James Williams and Thomas Flyyn.  The land was in Amelia County.  Adam Heath in 1749 witnessed a deed in Amelia County for land on Deep Creek sold by Rork Baird to George Davenport of Amelia County.  Adam is likely the father of Thomas, Ethel, Harris, and William Heath of Prince George and Amelia County.

William Heath

William witnessed the will of his brother-in-law, William Short, in 1736 in Prince George County.  William is likely the William Heath, who removed to Lunenburg County.

John Heath

In 1743 a deed for 350 acres, lying on both sides of the Blackwater Swamp belonging to John Heath, excheated to Thomas Williams, upon the death of John Heath.  No other information has been found, however, it is clear that the location and the date of his death, require that John be placed as a son of William Heath and Elizabeth Jones.  He was probably born before 1720.

Heaths of Prince George County, Amelia and Dinwiddie Counties

Benjamin Heath

Benjamin Heath was born between 1670 and 1680 and died before 1760.  He married a daughter of Daniel Spence. Benjamin patented 241 acres in Prince George County in January, 1734.  The land lay on the south side of Deep Creek, on the side of the Beaver Pond below the Indian branch.  He paid ₤1/5. In May 1743 is a deed noting the land of Benjamin Heath in Amelia County.   In December, 1746 a deed from Benjamin Heath, and wife Sarah, to James Wortham, all of Prince George County, 241 acres in Amelia County on the south side of the Beaver Pond below the mouth of the Indian branch, including the low ground on the upper side of the Indian branch and the swamp, witnessed by William Heath, Adam Heath and James Rowsey.

It was noted in the will of Daniel Spence in 1760 that Benjamin Heath was deceased.  Three of the sons of Benjamin Heath relocated prior to the Revolutionary War to the Cheraws District of South Carolina.  Noted in the Cheraws District as soldiers in the Revolution, 1775 to 1782 were John, Benjamin, and Jordan Heath.  The census data for this family includes:

1800 at Barnwell, South Carolina

Benjamin Heath 1,1,1,0,0, 5,0,0,1,0,  0,0

John Heath 2,1,0,0,1, 1,1,0,0,1, 0,1

Jordan Heath  1,0,1,0,0, 1,0,1,0,0,  0,0

1810 at Barnwell, South Carolina

Joseph Heath 2,0,1,0,0, 0,0,1,0,0, 0,0 slaves

Benjamin Heath 1,0,1,0,0, 1,0,1,0, 0,0,slaves

John Heath Sr. 1,0,2,0,1, 0,1,1,0, 1,0,1 slave

John Heath, Jr. 1,0,2,0,0, 2,0,1,0,0, 0,0 slaves

Jordan Heath 2,1,0,1,0, 3,1,0,1,0, 0.0 slaves

By 1800 John, Jordan and Benjamin were noted in Barnwell County, South Carolina.  In 1810 John Jr. and Joseph Heath are listed and by 1820 the census lists Lucy, Rebecca and Sarah Heath and a Stephen Heath.

In Georgia, the 1805 lottery list includes these Heaths:  Jordan, Lewis, Richard and Abraham.   In 1805 Jordan evidently left for Burke County, Georgia where the 1820 census lists Jordan as well as Druscilla, Richard, Henry, James and Samuel Heath.

Heaths of Barnwell County, South Carolina and Georgia

Children of Benjamin Heath and Sarah Spence

John Heath

John Heath died 1814 in Barnwell County, South Carolina.  Daniel Spence, his grandfather, left him a legacy in his will in 1760.  From July 1781 until January, 1782 John Heath served under Captain Joseph Johnston and Frederick Womack.  Also serving was Benjamin Heath.  John was listed in Barnwell County, along with his brothers, in 1800.  (note: John Heath of Cheraws::: with Charles Gee IV; and is this the same)

Jordan Heath

Jordan Heath was born April 12, 1758 in Prince George County, Virginia, and died February 13, 1840 in Burke County, Georgia.  He married Christiana Wimberly on January 5, 1787 in Barnwell County, South Carolina.  She was born May 5, 1770, and died September 8, 1857 in Burke County, Georgia. Jordan served 250 days in the South Carolina militia. He was counted as an Ensign in the Georgia in 1793.  In 1800 Jordan was counted with his two brothers, Benjamin and John, in Barnwell County, S.C.  By 1805 he had relocated to Burke County, Georgia, where he, Lewis, Richard and Abraham Heath were counted.  By 1810 he had returned to the Barnwell District.  Jordan was counted in the 1820 census in Burke County.  Their children were Sara Ann who married Hope Hull Royal, Drusilla who married David Oglesby, Rebecca who married William Buxton, Mary Ann who married David Hall, and Isaac I. Heath, who was born Apr. 3, 1802 in Girard, Georgia and married Nancy Milton, Jordan who married Sarah in 1828, Henry Heath was born June 15, 1798 in Burke County and he married Mary Goodbee.

Benjamin Heath

Benjamin Heath died after 1810 in Barnwell County, South Carolina. Benjamin served under Captain Joseph Johnston and Frederick Womack in 1781 until early 1782.  Benjamin also gave provisions and forage to the state of South Carolina’s Cavalry during the Revolution.  In 1800 Benjamin was counted, with John and Jordan, in Barnwell County, S. C.  Benjamin’s will was filed in Barnwell in July 1804.  His wife was Sarah and the children listed were daughter Lucretia, wife of Isaac Williams, Zilpha, and sons James, Joseph and Benjamin, all minors, and grandchildren James, Benjamin and Nancy Williams.  His executors were Sarah and his sons James and Joseph. In 1803 a probate Judge signed a deed from Benjamin B. Heath selling 822 acres in Upper Three Runs to Richard Hankison.  Earlier he had sold 51 acres to Uline Meyer.

Will of Benjamin Heath

In the name of God, Amen. I Benjamin Heath of Barnwell District, State of South Carolina, Planter, do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following: Fist, I resign my soul into the hands of almighty God; And my body I commit to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my executors herein after named: And my worldly estate I give and devise as follows: first I will that all my just debts be paid. Imprimis, I will & Bequeath unto my dearly beloved Wife Sarah Heath during her life, the use and direction, and for the maintenance of her and my daughter Zilpha & my son James Heath, all that plantation or Tract of Land containing one hundred acres, being one half or moiety of a tract of land containing two hundred acres, also Twenty acres to be taken off and from the plantation or tract of land (containing one hundred & thirty five acres known by the name of the Brasell Tract) next and adjoining the the said one hundred acres, being the plantation whereon I now reside, also the use of all my bedsteads, beds and bedding, and other furniture, and after her decease to my son James Heath, and also the use of all my stock whatever, except such as shall be hereafter particularly named and willed. she – making no wilful waste of same. Imprimis. I will & Bequeath unto my beloved son Joseph Heath all that plantation or Tract of land, containing one hundred & thirty-five acres (known by the name of the Brasell Tract excepting Twenty acres of the said Tract which is to be taken off And from the said Tract next and adjoining the Tract of One hundred acres willed to my Son James Heath and where I now reside – also, three Cows and Calves, one dark bay colt, large blase face, all four of the feet white, being the sorrel mares colt. One feather bed & furniture seven head of year old hogs. Imprimis. I will & Bequeath, unto my beloved Son Benjamin Heath, all that plantation or Tract of land containing one hundred acres, being one half or moiety of a Tract of Two hundred acres, whereon I now live, to be taken off & from the lower part thereof (woodland) – also, also, three Cows and Calves, and a young horse or mare, one feather bed, two sows and piggs, the before mentioned Land, & to be delivered him at his attaining the age of Twenty-one years, or before if he should marry and settle himself- Imprimis. I will & Bequeath, unto my beloved Son James Heath, at the decease of my wife, if the said James shall have attained to the age of twenty one years, all that plantation or Tract of land, containing one hundred acres, and twenty acre-s to be taken off & from the Brasell Tract next and adjoining the said One hundred acres, before mentioned and the saod one hundred acres being the upper half or moiety of a tract containing two hundred acres whereon I now live, also the Houses, Orchards, Stock of all kinds beds and household furniture, (except what has before or hereafter willed & bequeathe’d) at the time of his Mothers decease. she having the sole use of the plantation, & during her life. Imprimis. I will, that if either of the before named Joseph, Benjamin or James Heath should die before their attaining the age of twenty -one years then his or their part to be equally divided between the survivors, or if any two of them should die as aforesaid then their part or parts to go to the survivors- and if they all three should die before the age of twenty one the whole of their part or parts to go, and I will it to my daughter Zilpha Heath. – Imps. As my dearly beloved daughter Zilpha Heath, has had verbally given her a mare, & a Cow which has increased to threeCows & Calves & a heifer, I now confirm the said gift unto her & her assigns- Imps. I will unto my grand children, by Isaac Williams, & my Daughter Lucretia, (having given her cattle before) as follows, vis. unto my grandson James Williams, one dun fy’d coloured heifer. calf unto my grandson Benjamin Williams, one black speckled heifer calf unto my granddaughter, Nancy Williams, one white heifer, unto my grandson John Williams, one red brin dled heifer calf. all in my mark and brand, and to be kept in mine, my wifes possession or our Executors till the above named children attain the age of twenty one years, or marry then the above mentioned cattle with there increase to be delivered each of them respectively Lastly. I do hereby appoint my Sarah Heath Executrix, and my Sons Joseph Heath & James Heath Executors of this my last Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking, & annulling all former wills and Testaments by me heretofore made, ratifying this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Nineteenth day of July- in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four. Signed, sealed, published and declared………………………………….Benjamin(his B. mark) Heath {Seal}
by the said Benjamin Heath as and for his last will and testament, in the presence at his request, and in the presence of each other.

William Stewart
William Turner
James Daughdrill
Recorded August 13th 1805
(Barnwell District, South Carolina WB A Pg 42)
Gidn. Hagood Ordinary B. District Bundle 9 Package 1

Daniel Heath

Daniel Heath was counted in 1782 tax roll in Prince George County where he was counted for one poll and no slaves. He did not own any land. He married Mary Livesay in 1788 in Prince George County, Virginia.

Heaths of Isle of Wight County

William Heath

William Heath removed to Isle of Wight.  On November 6, 1760  William Heath, son of Benjamin Heath, of Prince George County deeded to Henry Ivey, Jr. 100 acres adjacent the south side of Great Swamp and Thomas Griffin.  Signed William Heath and witnessed by James Jones, Benjamin Lewis, John Ivey, and Henry Ivey, Jr.  This appears to be the land patented by William Heath, his grandfather in 1728.

In Isle of Wight it is noted that in August, 1739 William Heath, Holmes Boisseau, Richard Wortham, and John Jones were appointed to appraise the value of slaves, and other personal property of George Davenport, of Prince George County, deceased, who had settled along Three Creeks.  In September, 1739 Charles Stewart patented 185 acres of land on the north side of Three Creeks in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. The land joined properties of Thomas Griffin, William Heath and John Upchurch. In 1746 a deed by John Upchurch notes the land of William Heath in Isle of Wight. In 1780 William Heath appraised the estate of Benjamin Edwards in Isle of Wight.

The 1779 and 1782 tax rolls show William Heath in Isle of Wight County with 8 white members of his household and 3 slaves.   William was the father of Robert, John, Polly, Elizabeth and Esther Patience Heath.

1799 Isle of Wight

Pg. 10

Robert Heath              1 white male

Pg. 11

John Heath                 1 white male 1 slave

James Heath               2 white male 2 slaves

Edmund Heath           1 white male

James Heath               1 white male

Isaiah Heath married Rebecca Uzzell in 1795 in Isle of Wight

Robert Heath was noted for 1 tithe in Isle of Wight in the reconstructed census which includes records between 1782 and 1790.  Robert, over 21 years of age, was noted in 1790.  Robert married Rosey Dowty in 1803.  In 1793 Robert Heath was sued by Edmond Heath, John Heath, Polly, Elizabeth and Patience (Esther) Heath in Isle of Wight Court, that some time in the year 1789 William Heath departed this life intestate leaving six children who are your complaintants and Robert Heath the respondent and being seized and possessed of a tract of land lying on James River in the County of Isle of Wight containing 150 acres which cannot be divided between the parties aforesaid by sale. In 1793 Robert was summoned to appear in court and the public sale of the land for ₤150 and one shilling, three pence. In 1800 Robert Heath and William Bagnell were sued in Isle of Wight by Addison Dowty, Milby Dowty, Rachel Milbern, and Robert Clegg and his wife, Polly Dowty.  Hezekiah Dowty had died intestate, and William and Robert were being sued over the disposition of nine slaves.  In the end, the court had the slave valued, and then the children of Hezekiah Dowty drew lots to see who received which slave.  It is hard to imagine the pain experienced by Lydia, Tom, Tabb, Charlotte, Conny, Jim, Thomas, Benjamin, Jim and George as they were divided between the heirs. Robert Heath was involved in a suit in 1809 that was filed in Chancery Court in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Prior to this suit Robert had appeared as a witness for Elias Fort in Suffolk County, so he also was suing for payment of his witness fees for travel and time.  The 1809 suit states that Robert Heath of North Carolina purchased from Elias Fort of North Carolina, a certain quantity of live pork of certain weights and quality but that Fort delivered hogs of inferior weight and quality.  Further the suit indicates that Fort made the promise to make deductions of allowances after Robert wrote that the pork was not as good as he expected.  He state that he had sold the Bacon and would pay that amount unless Fort was prepared to wait until February.

Elizabeth Heath married John Briggs I 1795 in Isle of Wight

Polly Heath married Richard Parr in 1796 in Isle of Wight

The 1810 census of Isle of Wight and adjacent Greenville County lists James, Robert and Edmund Heath.  In 1820, Jones, Teagle, Tinsley, Major Edmund and Rachel Heath are counted.

Edmund Heath

Edmund Heath was counted in the 1782 tax roll in Prince George County where he was counted for one tithe. He did not own any land.  He went to Isle of Wight County where he was counted in 1790.  Edmund died in 1802 leaving wife Elizabeth and children Zerobobel, Edmund, James, Major, and Teagle Heath, infants, Josiah, Stephen, Thomas Heath, Majore and Teagle were whole brothers and and half brothers of the other children.  Edmund died leaving 47 acres to his wife during her life or widowhood, and then to his five youngest children: Major, Teagle, Stephen, Thomas and Josiah.  Stephen, Josiah and Thomas died as children and the widow, Elizabeth,  married Thomas Carrol.   In 1807 the heirs sued their stepfather and the court ordered the sale of the land. Zerable and Edmund Heath of Norfolk agreed to the division of the land and impowered Henry Joyner to act on their behalf.  James Heath of Isle of Wight agreed with the division.

John Heath

John Heath petitioned the Chancery Court of Isle of Wight for relief stating that in October, 1797 he was betting at cards with Maxmillan Maxwell and that winning the bet he was paid in 2 yards cashmere worth two pounds fourteen shillings.  Maxwell delivered the cashmere, then issued a bill against Heath, and filed for collection in the court, which was awarded because Heath did not raise objection.  Now, realizing how the law was applied, he requests relief and a hearing.

Audited Accounts 3501; Green’s A History of Richland County, South Carolina, p. 86, 97:

Ethel Heath was quarter master sergeant under Colonel Robert Goodwyn’s militia regiment for 115 days in 1779, Assistant Commisary to James Taylor in 1782 at Ancrum’s and at the Congaress from May 1 through 30, 1782.

1790 Census Richland County:  look this up: 31 slaves.

Justice of the Peace in 1791.

Gazette newspaper in South Carolina: Captain Ethel Heath died on the evening of Friday, the 22d instant, at his house, about 8 miles from his town, a respectable inhabitant of Richland County.  Marriages and Death Notices from Columbia, South Carolina, Newspapers 1792-1839 by Brent H. Holcomb.

The executors of his will were his wife Mary Heath, his godson Thomas Heath, Mary’s son John Threewits, and Malachi Howell.  Witnesses were John Hopkins, M. Kester, and Lucy Howell.  He gave all his estate to his wife Mary “provided that she will not take anything to herself that was lent unto her by her first husband John Thomas until all my debts be paid.”  He gave his godson Thomas the Gill Creek plantation where he was currently living as overseer.  He mentioned sisters Bridget Jones and Druscilla Jackson.  Some of this family can be found in Dinwiddie County.

Bridget Jones was married to Matthew Jones.  His will, dated July 19, 1820 and probated in 1824 was witnessed by Josiah Heath, Thomas Heath Jr., and Mary T. Heath.  The executor was Thomas Heath.  Sons mentioned in the will were Matthew, Nathan, who was deceased, leaving children.  Grandchildren were Mary Hutson Jones, Jeremiah Jones, Martha Jones, and Martha Higgins.

In Green’s History of Richland, etc. : Malachi Howell. Will, November 20, 1821. Wit.: Brian Gunter, Richard M. Todd, William S. Partridge.  Executor: Wife, daughter, Thomas Heath, John Howell, J. J. Chappell.  Wife: Eliza D. Howell.  Adopted daughter: Eliza Howell Goodwyn.  Nieces: Lucy Staunton, Elizabeth Ware.

William Howell will: June 20, 1776: property appraised February 26, 1784.  Witn.: Jno Boyd, Henry Smith, James Levison.  Executor: Grace Russell, John Taylor, James Taylor, Malachi Howell, Thomas Taylor, Nathan Center, sons, Thomas and William.  Wife: Lucy Dau. Grace received Mill Pond tract bought from Nathan Center and Goose Pond tract bought from John Howell.  Sons: Thomas (eldest.  Received tract known as Howell’s Ferry, where his mother lived), William, Malachi, James, Robert, born after the will was singed and noted in a codicil.

(What follows is only a draft and should be revises in the future)


North Carolina genealogist Brent Holcomb and published in THE VIRGINIA
GENEALOGIST, Vol. Vol. 34, #1 (1990), p.59-60 (“Two Powers of Attorney from Dinwiddie Co., VA), Mr. Holcomb submitted two Powers of Attorney that he found in the South Carolina Archives. These were from relatives of Ethel Heath who had died in Richland Co., So. Carolina in 1796. Ethel Heath had moved to SC from Dinwiddie Co., VA and was Heath who was in Pr. George and Surry Cos., VA by 1705.

“Two Powers of Attorney from Dinwiddie Co., VA” contributed by Brent H. Holcomb, Columbia, SC – as published in THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST, Vol. 34, No. 1 (Jan-Mar, 1990):59)

This is a Power of Attorney from Betsey HEATH of Dinwiddie Co., VA to her “worthy friend” James LEWIS of Dinwiddie Co., VA to act as her Attorney-in-Fact to

“Recover & Receive of & From all & every person & persons whatsoever all Debts sums of money Goods Chattels wares & merchandizes Effects Estate things such as are now due or hereafter shall become due owing payable or in any wise belonging to me by the Devise & Will of my said Brother Ethel HEATH, 16th of January 1809.”

Mr. Holcomb is Editor of THE SOUTH CAROLINA MAGAZINE of ANCESTRAL RESEARCH and gives the following reference for this record:

Miscellaneous Records (Columbia Series), Book B, pp. 559-63, at the SOUTH CAROLINA Archives, microfilm copy AD 825

and he says

“Because of major record losses in Dinwiddie County, they are especially valuable.”

He adds at the end of this article:

“The will of Ethel HEATH is found in Richland Co., S.C., Probate Records, Box 14, Package 327, the originals being at the SOUTH CAROLINA Archives. The will names his wife Mary HEATH, his God Son Tho’s HEATH [who removed to Richland Co., S.C. from Dinwiddie Co., Va., in 1791], his sister Bridget Jones, Harris HEATH, Drusillar Jackson, and sister Elizabeth HEATH [apparently his sisters and brothers]. The will is dated 19 July 1796 and was recorded 5 Oct. 1796.”

Name:   Matthew JONES

Birth:      Dinwiddie, Virginia (?)

Death:  Mar 26, 1825, Richland/Kershaw County SC

Spouse: Bridget HEATH

Birth:      Dinwiddie, Virginia


1 M:    Ethel Heath JONES

Birth:  ca 1793

Death:  bef 1825

Spouse: Catherine Beasley HIGGINS

Marriage:   ca 1818

2 F:    Unknown JONES

Spouse: Abraham B. HIGGINS

3M:    Matthew JONES Jr.

Death:  aft 1852

Spouse: Margaret UNKNOWN (JONES)

4M:    Nathan JONES

Death:  1815

Spouse: Margaret M. HIGGINS

Matthew Jones. Will, July 19, 1820 Matthew Jones, Richland/Kershaw counties. Wit: Josiah Heath, Thomas Heath Jr., Martha T. Heath Jr., Ex.: Thomas Heath. Wife: Bridget. Sister: Martha Jones. Sons: Matthew, Nathan (deceased, leaving children). Grandchildren: Mary Hutson Jones, Jeremiah Jones, Martha Jones, Martha Higgins. Surry County, Virginia Will of Thomas Goodwyn, written Feb. 1730 and filed august, 131.  son John goodwyn, prringer marked T. G. M. wife Mary, son Thomas Prince George Co.  Damaged document… remainder until.  Grandson, Thomas Goodwyn  Daughter Pennellope Taylor rest of estate when she is 19 years old.  Son Francis Goodwyn.  Son William Goodwyn and Francis not of age. Sons, john and Francis executors.  Witnesses William Shands, Charles Gee, Nazareth Shands.

Surry: William Wyche estate: Richard Parker, Jr. surviving husband of Judith Parker, executor dated Feb, 1731 witnessed by Jos. Witherington, Jos. Gee Book 8 page 164 (Jos. Gee must be a transcription error.)

1790 Cenusu Richland, South Carolina

Ethel Heath

William Howell

James Goodwyn

John Partridge

Following page:

Harris Heath

Wood Taylor

Mathew Jones

Also there:

Hinchea Chappell

Green Rives

Henry Rives

Robert Chappell

William Rives

Timothy Reeves 3.2..0.24

Thomas Taylor

James Taylor

Robert Harwell

Jesse Goodwyn

John Goodwyn

1830 Census Prince George

Harris N. Heath (probably Harris Neville Heath)


His age was 30 to 49; the two other males were 20 to 29: It is likely that Harris was 48 or 49 and the sons were 20 and 21… or not sons:  possibly brothers or cousins.


1800 Census

John Heath Kershaw 16 to 26 with family


96th District Pendleton county

William Heath 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 2 females, no slaves.

Camden District Lancaster County

Jesse Heath 3 over 16, none under, 2 females, no slaves

James Cureton next door 3 over 16, 3 under, 3 females, no slaves

Camden District Richland County

Ethel Heath 2 over 16, 1 under 4 females 31 slaves

Next to Jesse Goodwyn 2 over 16, 1 under 2 females 26 slaves

Next to Wlm. Howell 3 over 16, 1 under 2 females 23 slaves

James Goodwyn 1 over 16, 1 under 2 females 16 slaves.

John goodwyn 2 over 16, 3 under 2 females 55 slaves

Mathew Howell 1 over 16,1 under 3 females 9 slaves

Hariss Heath 1 over 16 2 females no slaves

Wood Taylor free black next to him

Silas and Henry, William Rives

Hix Chappell 1 over 16, 1 under, 2 females 16 slaves

Robert Howell 2 over 16, 2 under 3 females 28 slaves

Arthur Howell  16 slaves

Malachi Howell 23 slaves

Lucy Howell 21 slaves

Thomas Howell widow 33 slaves

John Taylor estate 9 slaves

Thomas Taylor 70 slaves

James Taylor 160 slaves

William Goodwyn Sr and Jr: 53 slaves 19 slaves

John Hirons 1 over 16, 2 females 15 slaves

Robert Howell

Orangeburgh District South Part

Benjamin heath 3 over 16, 3 under 16 4 females no slaves

Next John Wyche 11 slaves

John Heath page missing

Cheraw District

Jeremiah Heath 1 over 16 3 females 2 slaves

William Heath 1 over 15 1 under 4 females 10 slaves

Sans Stanley 3 over 15 1 under 3 females no slaves

Benjamin Hicks 24 slaves

Benjamin Kolb 23 slaves

Thomas Williamson 7 slaves

James duboise 7 slaves

William Dewitt 55 slaves

96th District Pendleton County

William Heath 1 over 16 1 under 2 females no slaves

Nathen turner, Jr. next

William Cox

Nicholas Edwards

Joseph Hancock