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The Immigrant

Charles Gee I immigrated from England about 1660 apparently with Henry Gee of Henrico County, Virginia. Henrico County was the most western county in early Virginia. It originally included a large area. Charles City County was adjacent to Henrico County on the east and covered the area north and south of the James River. Charles I settled south of the James River in the section of Charles City County that became Prince George County. His wife was Hannah. Among their sons was Charles Gee II.

~ II ~

Charles Gee II married Bridget Neville. Bridget’s family was from that section of Isle of Wight County that became Nansemond County. Charles II and Bridget settled in Surry County that lay between Isle of Wight County and Prince George County. This area they settled in was south of the Blackwater River and became Sussex County in 1754. Among their sons was Charles Gee III.

~ III ~

Charles Gee III married twice. His first wife, my ancestor, was Elizabeth Hancock from Surry. She and Charles III settled in Northampton County, in the northeastern part of North Carolina adjacent to Virginia. Among their sons was William Gee.

~ IV ~

William married Susannah Heath and was a soldier in the Continental Army during the Revolution. He and Susannah lived for awhile in Northampton County but soon settled in Darlington County, South Carolina. Among their sons was Samuel Pickney Gee.

~ V ~

Samuel Pinckney Gee married Rebecca Williamson from Darlington County, South Carolina. Samuel and Rebecca moved to Lowndes County, Alabama but eventually settled in Ashley County, Arkansas. Samuel and Rebecca were the parents of Abraham Williamson Gee.

~ VI ~

Abraham was a lieutenant in the Louisiana Partisan Rangers for the Confederacy during the Civil War. He died during the conflict. His wife was Nancy Angeline Duncan and among their children was their daughter, Mary Fletcher Gee.

~ VII ~

Mary Fletcher Gee became the wife of Thomas Monroe Nichols and their story is given in The Nichols Family.


6 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Cathy Cadd says:

    Holt. Then I am finding this John married to Jane Holt as being the son of Elizabeth Cockroft and William Hancock 1645 – 1687. This William is son of Simon Hancock and Sarah Gilbert. Simon is son of William the immigrant and Susan Poynter. Can you help me out sorting this out

  2. Chris Heath, Vancouver, Canada says:

    I am interested in learning of your work on the Gee family. I am a Heath from Staffordshire England. I look at any Heath clan originating in England. I have come across the Name Gee in various records in the U.K. I also look after a Heath Surname DNA Project for http://www.familytreenda.com and have been able to identify at least 12 Heath clans, most of whom seem to have originated in Staffordshire for an uncertain reason. I also have many family trees: some going back to the 1600’s. So far, there have been more than 100 male Heath (Heathe, Heth etc.) donors so we have a pretty good data base. Do you have links with any of your male Heath relations by any chance? I would be interested in exchanging knowledge. Thanks.

  3. Mike Maddock says:

    I have some further information on Edward Gee Rector of Tedburn St Mary, Devon, and would be happy to forward a couple of relevant pages from my research into the Davye family of Canonteign, Devon, in this regard, if you could provide a contact / email address

  4. geesnmore says:

    I would refer you to The Gee Family by William Fletcher, which covers that period and after until circa 1920 in greater detail. Other recent trees that trace the Lunenburg Gee family include: Gee family tree:
    Charles and Hañah, from the colonial era to the year 2000 by Marian Kessler; The kin of Dr. Ned Gee, Lunenburg County, Virginia by Edward Gee.
    These will provide you with ample material from which you should be able to research a connection to your ancestor. Good luck.

  5. Robert Gee says:

    My father (Lewis M Gee) and grandfather (Robert A Gee) were from Mecklenburg and Lunenburg County, VA. Not sure which portion of the family I am descended from. My dad always said there was a missing link due to the Civil War. I believe that my great-Grandfather’s name was John Henry Gee. I would like to figure out my family tree. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  6. Phyllis Wedgeworth says:

    I am a descendant of David Gee of Williamson County, Tennessee whose daughter Mary “Polly” Gee married William Melugin. Your website is very impressive and I am glad that I found it. Thank you so much for all the work and time and effort you have put into the site. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is thankful to have such a comprehensive and informative site available to Gee researchers. Many thanks again! Phyllis

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