Heaths in England

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This is a record of my current research into the Heath family in England, as I pursue William Heath progenitor of the Heaths of Southside Surry and Prince George Counties.  It is a work in progress and likely will be revised several times.

Southern Staffordshire


This map was created in the early 18th century and shows the individual farmhouses along the main roads and croft roads.  It also includes the canals and forges and mills.  Today this is all urban landscape with industrial, commercial and residential structures in what is now West Midland, which was carved from Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire.  Wolverhampton was the largest village and St. Peter’s serviced most of the parish churches and retained the earliest records for many.  Distances were very short between hamlets. Kingswinford in the south was less than 5 miles from Dudley.  Rowley Regis lay south of Dudley about 4 miles.  Moving north another 5 miles from Dudley brought you to Bilston.  A 3 mile radius from Bilston includes Darlaston, Willenhall, and Wednesbury.  Within a 5 mile radius was Walsall and Wolverhampton.  It is my belief that the Heath family of the Wolverhampton region originated in Clent which, while not shown, lies today about 20 miles south in Worcestershire.  Until 1844 it was part of Staffordshire.  In 1590 the town of Wolverhampton was nearly consumed by fire so the earliest wills there were destroyed.

Enoch Heath of Walsall Wood, Staffordshire

William Heath of Surry, Virginia who died in 1681 belongs to the same DNA Group as Enoch Heath born in 1810 in Staffordshire, England.  This means they share a common ancestor at least as late as the mid 1600’s.

I began by finding Enoch Heath to determine if I could research back to a common set of ancestors that would give me William and Abraham.   I found Enoch in the 1871 census living in Walsall Wood, where he was listed as a coal miner.  He told the census taker that he was born in Bilston, Staffordshire.   His wife, Violette was born in Brownhills, a few miles away from Walsall Woods.   Moving the timeline back, I found that Enoch and Violette were the parents of Joseph born in 1836, Enoch, born in 1834, Betsy born in 1841, Charles born in 1846, Ann born in 1849, and Charlotte born in 1850.  In 1851 the family lived in Brownhills, but in 1841 they were living in nearby Norton under Cannock, Penkridge.  Enoch Heath married on March 31, 1824 to Violette Arblaster at St. Lawrence, Darlaston, near Wolverhampton.  Enoch’s birth was recorded on June 30, 1810 at St Matthew in Walsall, Staffordshire, but he was not christened until May 20, 1812.  His parents were Joseph Heath and Ann.  Joseph Heath married Ann Stokes on June 1, 1807 at Wolverhampton.

Clearly, Enoch was not born in Bilston, but it seems that this was his family’s home village, and he may have been raised there.  At Bilston in the period of Enoch’s birth it appears that members of the Heath family were using St Peter’s in Wolverhampton as well as St. Leonard’s in Bilston.  Isaac Heath of Bilston is appears to be Joseph Heath’s father.  Isaac Heath married Sarah Lacy at St. Peter’s in Wolverhampton on December 20, 1752.

Isaac Heath and Sarah Lacy of Bilston

Nov. 12, 1753 Abraham Heath

1755 Hannah Heath

1757 Isaac Heath

1759 Elizabeth Heath, whose death was recorded in 1764.

1761 Mary Heath

1763 Sarah Heath who was not christened until the age of 2

1765 Betty Heath

April 13, 1767 Joseph Heath

There are not many entries in the Bilston register.   Benjamin Heath buried his wife Ann at Bilston in 1796.  Then Thomas and Sarah buried their son Thomas in 1808, however they don’t appear to have lived in Bilston.  Earlier, in 1796 at Willenhall, Thomas and Pheobe christened a son, John.

Later in 1837, Charles Heath and his wife Sarah christened their son Joseph at Bilston.  This was likely another son of Joseph and Ann, and a brother of Enoch.  In the same month and year Thomas Heath and his wife Sarah christened their son Thomas at Bilston.

Prior to this William Heath and Elizabeth of Bunkers Hill in Willenhall had christened their daughter Elizabeth (1833) and son Edward (1835).  Looking at the Willenhall register shows several entries for this family.   John Heath was noted for the birth of William in 1742, Sarah in 1743, and Mary in 1745, and Elizabeth in 1748.  Prior to this, in 1740, John Heath and his wife, Mary, were recorded in Bilston for the christening of their son John Heath.

Abraham Heath III and Mary Proud of Wolverhampton

Turning to the records held at St. Peter’s in Wolverhampton helps develop the Heath family of Bilston.   On June 26, 1726 Abraham Heath married Mary Proud at Wolverhampton. Abraham’s parents were members of the Warwickshire North Monthly Meeting of Friends.  This meeting served the Friends of Birmingham, Dudley, and Stourbridge.  Dudley and adjacent Sedgely were only five miles from Wolverhampton.  Birmingham is less than 10 miles from Dudley.  Abraham and Mary are recorded in Wolverhampton for several children.

1727 Samuel Heath

1729 Thomas Heath

1731 Elizabeth Heath

1733 Isaac Heath

1735 Joseph Heath

Samuel Heath was counted in Wolverhampton for the births of these children: Mary in 1750, Abraham in 1751, Isaac in 1753, and Elizabeth in 1755. His son Abraham died in 1751.

Joseph Heath appears to have removed to Pelsall, near Walsall and Brownhills.  There he and his wife, Linda, were recorded for the birth of several children: 1774 Hannah; 1776 Ann; 1785 Joseph; 1785 and 1786 Sarah.

Thomas Heath married Joyce Wood in 1751 at St. Peter in Wolverhampton.   Thomas and Joyce removed to Birmingham where they were counted for several children: 1754 Jesse; 1756 Thomas; 1761 and 1763 James; 1764 Maria; 1764 William; 1765 Joyce; 1767 Joseph; 1770 Oseph (?).

Abraham Heath II, Quaker and Elizabeth

parish 1

Abraham Heath III, the father of Issac, was born to Abraham II and Elizabeth Heath.  His birth on June 10, 1695 was recorded in the North Warwick Monthly Meeting.  Abraham Heath II and Elizabeth were the parents of several children: 1689 Elizabeth; Mary 1691; Sarah 1693; Abraham 1695; Hannah 1697.  Abraham Heath and Elizabeth likely resided in the area around Bilston and Dudley (Segely).  His death was noted in Birmingham in July, 1706.

George Foxe came to the Black Country in 1651 and began spreading the doctrine of the Friends.  The early adherents were persecuted in the following decades.  Abraham Heath I of Birmingham North Warwickshire Meeting was recorded for his marriage to Sarah Swinson in July, 1664.  These are the records for their children in the Quaker Monthly Meeting of Warwickshire North.

Abraham Heath was born in 1663.

John Heath was born in July, 1665.

Isaack was born in 1667.

Jacob was born in 1675 and was buried in 1704.  He resided in Mosley near Birmingham.  Their daughters included Sarah, born in 1663 (?), Hannah born in 1669, and Elizabeth born in 1678, Ann born in 1682  who were all married within the Society of Friends.

Abraham Heath was recorded in the registry of St Peter and St Paul, in Aston near Birmingham, Warwickshire for his marriage to Anne Reade in 1610.  Abraham resided in the Sedgley – Rowley Regis area.  In 1616 Abraham Heath is first noted in Sedgely, near Dudley when in November his son John was christened.  The remainder of his children were recorded at Rowley Regis.

1621 Jacob Heath was born

1624 Elynor Heath was born in 1624

1626/7 Abraham Heath was born and in 1641 he was buried.

1629/30 William Heath was born in 1629/30

1641 Elinor Heath married William Chambers in 1641

1646 Ann wife of Abraham Heath buried

1649 Abraham Heath was buried

1732 Jemimah daughter of Abraham Heath was buried

Thomas Heath first appears in Rowley Regis in 1641.  It seems logical to assume that he is an older son of Abraham.  There are only a few entries, which leads me to believe he did not live in Rowley Regis for a long time.

1641 Elinor Heath the daughter of Thomas Heath was buried

1642 Elizabeth Heath the wife of Thomas Heath was buried

1643 Thomas Heath was buried

1644 John Heath was buried

Jacob Heath is also included in the Rowley Regis register.  His wife was Sarah.  They also appear to have removed from the village.

1651 Sarah wife of Jacob Heath was buried

1652 Hana d. Jacob heath and A….

1652 Jacob Heath buried

1654 John Price & Amy Heath married

1663 Thomas Heath & Margery Freeman married.

parish 2

Finally, there is Abraham Heath who was born in 1670 to John and Elizabeth Heath in Curdworth, Warwickshire which is nine miles east of Birmingham.   Abraham Heath of Curdworth married in 1704 to Alice Wakefield.   He was buried in 1722 at Curdworth.  Thomas Heath, also of Curdworth was the father of a son Samuel in 1685 and Thomas, in 1687.

Adam Heath of Bilston

It is at this juncture that we need to return to Bilston in an earlier time to determine the parentage of Abraham Heath I.  On March 3, 1647 Adam Heath of Bilston was buried at St. Peter’s, Wolverhampton.  Adam made a will in a time when only ten percent of adult men made a will.  It was filed in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, which indicates he was prosperous.  Adam Heath was a Naylor, meaning he made nails.  He would have held a forge and had access to iron and coal or coke.  Adam Heath married Helynor (Eleanor) Hynley in July, 1609 at St. Peter, Wolverhampton.

Will of Adam Heath of Bilston, filed 1647 – 50

In the name of God Amen, I Adam heath of Bilston in the County of Stafford Naylor being of good and perfect memory thankes be given unto God doe make this my last will and Testament this … twteenth day of January in the twentieth yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne Lorde Kinge Charles by the grace of God Kinge of England, Scotland, ffrance and Ireland, Kinge defendor of the faith Anno domini one thousand sixe hundred forty seven in manner & forme following ffirst I commend My soule unto ….. And to be buried in Wolverhampton Church yarde at the discretion of my Executors here after named ffirst I give unto the poore of Bilston forty shilling Item I give unto the poor of Welsall tenn shillings  Item I give to my godchilderen Twelve pense a peece Item I give and bequeath to Sibbell Levison a daughter Mr. Thomas Levison daughter ten shillings  Item  I give and bequeath unto Mr John Levison five children ten shillings a peece Item I give and bequeath unto my Godsonne William Heath twelve pense in money. Item I give and bequeath unto Mr John Levison tenn pounds in money Item I give unto my loving wife Elinor heath my house in Bilston with fouerdaye ..rkes of field lands, which did belong unto it for fifteen yeares and sinse that tyme I did give it according to the custome of the towne if shee do longe bee a widdowe and keepe my name And if mi wife doe dye and depart this world before the sayde fifteen years be expired then my mynde is that my brother ffrancis heath shall … that tyme of ffifteene yeares forth and the Inheritance of the sayd house and grounds belonging to it to him and his heyres forever And of this my last will and Testament I make my beloved wife Elianor heath and ffrancis heath my brother my sole Executors.  And I give and bequeath unto them all my Cattell and Chattells money and all my goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever my funeral expenses discharged and honestly brought home …some things that I shall .. have to be done and performed hereafter to be namely I give Jane Shall and her children as many of them twenty shillings to my servant Katherine I give ten shillings  Item I give to Winifrid Ballye childe Ann twenty shilling I give to Mr Bayly … five shilling eight pense  Item I give to Mr John Hoo and John Allin my cozen two shillings six pense a peese that is five shillings wishing him to give this three pounds to the poore at their discresing in my name.  And I doe intrust Mr John Levison and ye …. Of this my will to be performed All ….. this my last will and Testament before these witnessed here named Adam Heath sealed and delivered … Humfrey Edward Price Richard Lechmore.

Nearly all of the persons mentioned are easily identified in the register of St. Peter’s.  Of great interest is cousin John Allin.  Cousin was used to note a nephew or niece at this time.   John was likely the son of John or William Allin, who both are noted for the births of sons in the parish records of Wolverhampton in 1636 and 1638 respectively.   In 1604 at Chester Cathedral is the marriage of Elizabeth Henly to William Allen, which may explain the relationship.   Henly is a village in Warwickshire.



Adam Heath of Bilston was from Clent a small enclave which originally was a part of Worcestershire that had been taken by Staffordshire and was not returned until the 19th century.   In this map Rowley and Dudley can be seen.  Dudley at the time was part of Worcestershire while Clent was part of Staffordshire.  Interestingly Shropshire carved out a parcel for itself as well.  Clent was about eleven miles from Kingswinford, and twenty miles from Bilston.

Heath Family of Clent

In 1526 Richard Heathe was accused of harbouring paupers and vagabonds.   He may well be the father of Richard Heath, who kept a beer shop in Clent in 1575, John Heath, and Thomas Heath, all noted in the church records.   Richard Heath ye father of Thomas was buried October 6, 1597.

Richard Heath kept a beershop and was fined because he permitted card-playing in his house, and he was warned not to allow it for the future under penalty a fine… and no one should play cards or unlawful games unless 60 years of age.   Again in 1575 he was ordered to sell ale at the rate of 1/2d a quart and to sell it also in a lawful and sufficient cup called “the pewter” containing a full measure.  He didn’t follow the directive and was fined.

Early marriages recorded in Clent identify this family.  The sons or nephews of Richard appear to be John, Thomas, Uwin, Rowland, and Richard.  In November, 1583 one of the sons whose name appears to begin with R married Ann Morely from Holtflete.  A branch of this family removed to Tanworth, Warwickshire.  Uwin Heathe, alias Swan (Swane/Swayn), of Tanworth married Jane Perman in Clent.  We will return to this family later.

Richard Heath married Elizabeth Coxe in 1567 in Clent.  He and Elizabeth were recorded there for their youngest children.

1574 John Heath was buried

January 8 1575/6 Adam Heath was born

1578 Margaret Heath was born

1581 John Heath was born

1581 Thomas Heath was buried

1584 Marie Heath was born

1592 Elizabeth Heath was buried

December 20, 1604 Francis Heath was born.

Thomas Heath and his wife Alice were noted in the Clent parish register for:

1599 Sara Heath was born

1610 Richard Heath was born

1611 Rose Heath was born no parentage

1615 Thomas Heath was born

Thomas Heath in 1616 was among the trustees of church lands.

John Heath was ordered to place a wool mark on the right side of the rump of each of his sheep in 1585 or be fined 10s was probably a brother of Richard noted in 1574.  He was recorded for:

1583/4 John Heath married Elizabeth Sparrey

1585 John Heath was born

1585 Henry Heath was born

The Heath’s removed from Clent as there is no further record of them there until the 18th century.  Prior to 1600 there was a substantial population in Clent, but soon only two extended families lived there.  Clent was closely associated with Rowley Regis from the 13thcentury.  Their chapels were the same parish. Clent was agricultural and Rowley Regis was mining.   Within walking distance of Rowley Regis are Halesowen and West Bromwich.  About 5 miles north was Sedgely and Dudley. There are early records of the Heath family in these hamlets.

John Heath, from Clent, appears to have removed to Sedgely where the birth of his children was recorded.

1590 Thomas Heath was born

1610 Ann Heath was born and died in 1612;

1613 John Heath was born

1619 Mary Heath was born and died as an enfant

1620 Elizabeth Heath was born

1626 Thomas was born and died

Clearly there are gaps in the record.   The deaths of Thomas born in 1590 and of John born in 1585 are missing.  Richard Heath was noted for the birth of several children at St. Thomas in nearby Dudley.  These were 1625 Richard; 1628 Francis.

The early records of Kingswinford do not contain any Heath births or marriages.  The parish records begin in 1603.   The records do contain a large number of burials.  Sometimes a church had a small churchyard or one that was poorly drained and undesirable, so families would bury in a nearby churchyard instead.   Records at Kingswinford include burials for the children of Adam Heath and Edward Heath.  This is not the same Adam Heath from Bilston, as his wife was Eleanor, who survived him.  Also, Adam from Bilston did not have any children at the time of his death.

Adam Heath of Darlaston and Kingswinford

Adam Heath married Ann Warren in 1635 at Darlaston.  Adam Heath and his wife Ann buried these children at Kingswinford: Ann 1649; Richard 1641; Elizabeth 1641; Mary 1642.  Adam Heath was buried there on July 2, 1657.

Edward Heath and his wife Elizabeth buried these children there: Edward 1638. Edward Heath, who appears to be a son married Sara and they also buried children including Sara in 1711, Richard 1711, Samuel in 1715, and Edward in 1728.  Edward Heath the elder died in 1720 and the younger died in 1759.  Other names in the registry are for later than we need to pursue for this discussion.

While Richard Heath and John Heath settled in the area around Sedgely, William Heath removed further north near Wolverhampton.  William Heath christened a daughter Agnes in May, 1541 at Rowley Regis.  The records include a lease for 3 lives for a messuage or tenement where William Heath dwells in Wolverhampton, adjoining the church yard on the north side was dated 1594 for William Heath of Wolverhampton, yeoman, Johanne his wife and William Heath his son.  The rent was 13 shillings 4 d a year.   His death appears to be recorded at Kingswinford on December 1, 1606.   William Heath, the son, was noted in the register of St. Peter’s for Elizabeth in 1616 and William in 1619.  In March, 1636, is the bargain and sale of a messuage or tenement in Wolverhampton, adjoining the church yard on the north side, where dwelt William Heath, the elder, a butcher, to John Greene, locksmith.

The Will of Thomas Heath of Wolverhampton

In the Name of God Amen, the … of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord god 1630 and in the yeare of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland kinge defender of the faithe …. I Thomas Heath of Sneadheath within the parish of Woldhampton in the Countie of Stafford, husbandman, beinge in good and of  perfect health and remembrance (thankes be to Almightee god) and knowinge that nothing can bee certaine to man then death and nothinge more uncertaine then the honore of death doe make this my last will and testament in writing in manner and form following that it to saie:  I bequeath my soule into the hands of allmightie god my Creator trusting to have foregiveness of all my sines and evill deedes by the death and passion of Jesus Christ my Redeemer And my bodie to Christian burial to be interred in the parish Church yard of Woldhampton near to the Crosse there And as concerning my goode and Cattells and Chattells ffirst I give and bequeath to Marie Morris my Servant all my househould goodes and bedding Brass Pewter  and linnens and all other houshould goode beinge within my house whatsoever.  Item I give and bequeath to my brother Raffe heath twelve pense …demanded  And I doe give and bequeath to Thomas heath sonne of the said Raffe heath …shilling and eight pense Item I give to my brother ffrancis heath my best parte of apparel and Tenn poundes in money.  Item I give and bequeath to the poore people of Bloxwich Twentie shillings to be distributed at my decease or within six dayes after at the discretion of Jonas Shann (Sham) and my brother ffrances heath.  Item I give and bequeath to the poore people of Essington twentie shilling to be distributed in like manner by Thomas Egginson and Walter Latham And all the rest of my goodes and chattles I bequeath them to my Servant Marie Morris to the one shee shall see this my Will preformed and I honestly brought to burial And I doe further ive and bequeath by this my Will to everie one of my godchildren twelve pence apiece and to Thomas heath sonne of my brother ffrancis heath tenn shilling. And to my Cosen Thomas heath sone of my brother John heth deceased twentie shilling And I do make and appoint my Servant Marie Morris sole executrix of this my last will and testament and John ffyrchild and John Symson overseers thereof and I do give and bequeath to the said John ffyrchild and John Symson to eyther of them ffortye shillings  In witness where of I have to this my last will and testament put my hand ans seal the daye and yeare above said Thomas heath marke Read Sealed and published the day and yeare aforesaid in the presence of  Walter Turnent a marke Nicholas Simsons marke Jo: ffyrchild, Jo: Symsons marke

Thomas had three brothers mentioned in his 1630 will: John, Francis, and Rafe.  They all had sons named Thomas.  Clearly, Marie Morris, who likely kept his house, doing the cooking and cleaning, was dear to his heart.  She inherited his household goods.  Interestingly, no mention is made of land or the possession of the house.  Likely these were not owned.  As a husbandman, he would have had livestock, in this case cattle.  These would have been sold to provide the bequests.   It is recorded that Thomas Heath married Cassandra Smith in 1589 at Walsall.   It would seem he had no surviving descendants.

In 1652, Francis Heath, yeoman, of Bilston issued a lease and release to Richard Wilks of Willenhall, gentleman and John Tomkis of Bilston, gentleman.  Also party to this was John Leveson of Willenhall, gentleman.  The property included pastures and meadows called Ardistey alias Arestey and Indhurst alias Hursts and Fullwoods, all in Willenhall to the use of Eleanor, wife of Francis after his decease.

Heaths of Walsall and Bloxwich

Walsall lies near Wolverhampton and Bloxwich is close.

John Heath was buried at Walsall in September, 1571.  In 1586 Richard Heath was buried.  It is unclear if these are the Heaths from Clent, but it would appear so.  Also buried in 1588 was Edward Heath, and in 1593 William Heath, noted as ancient, was buried.  In 1602, Ralfe Heath, the eldest, was buried in September, 1602.  His will was filed in Lichfield.

John Heath

This is most certainly the brother of Adam, Thomas, and Francis.  John is probably the father of Edward in 1588, Elinor in 1590, who died as an infant, and Richard born in 1598.  He is then listed as the father of Francis in 1609, Margaret who also died as an infant in 1616, and Margaret born in 1631.  His other children are likely listed in the Wolverhampton register.  John Heath of Bloxwich was buried in 1624.

Richard Heath of Bloxwich appears to be the Richard born in 1598.  His son John was born in 1626 and son Richard in 1630.

Francis Heath

Francis Heath married Felice Preston in 1596.  They were the parents of Margrett in 1600, Rose in 1605, and Susanna in 1607.  His son Francis, Jr. was born in 1611 and then Edward.  Francis Heath of Bloxich who was described as very old, was buried at St. Matthew in September, 1632.

Francis Heath, the son of Francis lived in Bloxwich.  He was the father of Elizabeth in 1630, and Isabell in 1633.

Likely of this family is Edward.  It is unclear but Edward and Anne were parents of Anne in 1652, and Edward and Sara were parents of Anne in 1656.

Raffe (Ralfe) Heath

Raffe Heath the eldest was buried in 1602.  He appears to be from this family, and may be an uncle to the father of Thomas, John, Francis, and Ralfe.

William Heath

William Heath, described as old was buried at St. Matthew in 1593.

Some marriages

1589 Thomas Heath m. Cassandra Smith , and in 1617 widow Cassander Heath was buried at Wednesbury.

1610 Jane Heath m. Richard Barow

1616 Hugh Heath m. Elizabeth Greene.  Hugh Heath’s wife Elizabeth was buried 1630

1624 Isabell Heath m. John Stoke

(I still have to complete further research in this location.)


le marston 3

Lea Marston, Warwickshire

Lea Marston lies between Coleshill and Kingsbury.  The River Tame is the main river in the west Midlands and the most important tributary of the River Trent.  Tributaries that flow into the Tame originate near Wolverhampton and Oldbury, joining near Walsall.  Wardens Brook, flows past Bilston, and through Wednesbury, near Wolverhampton.   The River Tame north of Birmingham, past Lea Marston, Kingsbury, and on to Tamworth, and from there continues north to the River Trent.  The manor at Lea Marston follows the descent of the ownership of Tamworth Castle which stands at the juncture of the Tame and Trent.  By 1585 was held by the Willoughby family, then through the Arden family passed in 1637 to the Adderleys    The records at St. John the Baptist began in 1570 and until the 1670’s the only entries there for the Heath family are the two marriages for William Heath.

lea marston 1

William Heath married Anne Whitenge on July 16, 1644 at Lea Marston, Warwickshire. Evidently, Anne died as on February 5, 1648 William Heath married Mary Barebon at Lea Marston.

lea marston 2

An examination of the records of Coleshill and Kingsbury yields early Heath records.  The manor at Coleshill was held by the Digby family.  Kingsbury lay along the banks of the Tame and the road that ran from Tamworth to Coventry.  The manor at Kingsbury was held by the Willoughby family in 1585, having previously been in the possession of  Ambrose Cave, whose daughter Margaret, wife of Sir Henry Knollys, esquire of the body of the queen, whose daughter Elizabeth married  Sir Henry Willoughby.

Coleshill and Kingsbury, Warwickshire

Coleshill, south of Lea Marston

John Heath

John Heath and his wife, Joane Stafford were the parents of Raffe in 1548.  In 1549 John Heath married Agnes Hodgkenson.  John Heath was the father of these children: William in 1550; Katheren in 1552; Christian in 1553; Pleasance Heath in 1556; Humfrey in 1557; John in 1563. Agnes alizs Capper, the wife of John Heathe, was buried August, 1577.

William Heath

There is one notation for William Heath in the Coleshill Register.  His daughter Dorathie was born there in 1543.


1581 Pleasance Heath m. Robert Beylie.

No burials for Heaths are recorded at Coleshill.

Kingsbury, north of Lea Marston

Nicholas Heath

Nicholas Heath married Margaret Bork in 1573.  The children of Nicholas were: Jone Heath in 1574; 1576 son John who died four days later; 1577 Christian; 1579 Ales; 1582 Robert; 1585 Thomas; 1588 Elisabeth who died a few days later; 1589 Elizabeth; 1590 John; 1595 William.

John Heath

John Heath was recorded for the birth of Ales in 1589 and Anne in 1593.


Ales Heath m. 1562 Richard Stanley

Kathren Heath m. 1567 William White

Elizabeth Heath m. 1575 William Gisborne

Jone Heath m. 1603 Humfrey Barnes

Robert Heath m. 1609 Jane Taverner

William Heath m. 1617 Anne Cheshire

Anne Heath m. 1618 Richard Bennett

Ales Heath m. 1619 Cyrel Davey

Anne Heath m. 1626 Richar Prin..ock

Alice Heath m. 1634 John Dixen

Dorothy Heath m. 1634  George Dix

Margaret Heath m. 1638 William Eliot


Thomas Heath buried in August, 1578

Ann Heath buried March, 1600

Mathew Heath buried May, 1626

Maria heath buried May, 1626

Alice Heath buried February, 1627

Robert Heath, buried March, 1634

Anne Heath buried March 22, 1642

Thomas Heath buried October, 1651