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 The Gee Arms

Burke’s General Armory: (Note: 1930 edition or earlier which is known to have errors) Gee (Rothley, Leicestershire; Eustace Gee, aged 30 visit 1619; seventh in descent from Alexander Gee, of same place, temp. Henry V). Gule A sword in bend arrant hilt and pommel or. Crest – a dexter gauntlet erect ppr. Grasping a sword, as in arms. The Gees of London, Yorkshire and Manchester were attributed the same.

Heraldica Lancastria by Jess Lee states the Manchester Gee as Argent. A sword in bend as. Hilt in base. This was a silver shield with a blue sword, gold hilted.  Nichols’ Leicestershire gives the Rothley Gee arms as: Gule a sword in bend az. hilted and pomeled or in chief, a crescent arg. for difference.  Crest, a gauntlet arg. garnished at the wrist or holding a sword arg. hilted and pomeled.  A red shield with a blue sword, gold hilted.  Nichols’ Chester: Gule. A drawn sword pointed upwards to the dexter arg.  Guarded or. A red shield with a silver sword, gold hilted.

Coat of Arms: Sir Orlando Gee memorial: Arms. 1. Gu. a sword in bend Ar., hilted Or. 2. The same, impaling, Gu. a fess between three talbot’s heads erased Ar. Maxey. 3. The same, impaling, Or, on a pile Gu. three garbs of the First, in base two lions rampant of the Second,

(A Dictionary of Suffolk Crests: Heraldic Crests of Suffolk Families: Joan Corder, John Blatchly) Lists:Gee, of London 1592 a gauntlet erect Or lined Gules grasping a sword Proper hilt and pommel Or.Samuel Gee of London. Patent 1592 A dexter gauntlet erect Proper grasping a sword Argent. Gee of Mildenhall (Visitation 1664-8) A gauntlet Argent garnished at the wrist Or holding a sword Argent hilt and Pommel Or.Motto: Dux mihi veritas.  Truth is my Guide.

The coat of  arms of Richard Jee, of Hartshill, Warwickshire, esquire, a magistrate of the county is given in the Encyclopaedia of Heraldry: or General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland as gule. A sword in bend argent. Pomelled or. Crest A gauntlet ar. Garnished at the wrist or, holding a sword of the first, hilt and pommel of the second. Motte given as Deus fortitude meo meaning God is my strength.


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