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Nottingham lies along the Trent River which runs to the sea at Hull in Yorkshire.

Richard Gee was included in the Borough Court Rolls of Nottingham for the period 1406 through 1416.  It is unclear, if he was a son of Alexander Gee of Rothley, or perhaps a brother or cousin.  As early as 1311, there are entries for Richard Joye and his wife Alice in the court rolls. (See Appendix ii.) The entries for Richard Joye continue until 1395, which likely indicates two Richard Joyes.  The later entries may be for Richard Gee.

The first entry, in 1403, notes that Richard Gee complained that John de Wodd, barbour owed him a debt of 17d. for an iron horse-shoes (ferr’ eq’) and for curing the horse.  Richard claimed he paid nothing a year ago on the debt.  John de Wodd said he owed nothing so an inquisition was requested.  The following month Richard Gee complained that Peter Joynour had defaulted on a debt.  It was not long before John de Wod, barbour, complained against Richard Gee regarding a debt of 4d for making a piece of linen which he was not paid for the past year.  Richard Gee said he owed nothing.

Richard Gee with John Ingham, William Fyscher, and John de Wodd were sworn and stood as appraisers for 36 yards of linen cloth at 3d. a yard, 20 yards of hempen linen cloth (de panno lineo de canabo) at 2d. a yard, being the goods of ..de Smalle. Also, the appraised a maslin masin for 10d., another maslin basin for 14d., and a bronze pot for 12d., being the goods of Robert de Melburne.  Finally they appraised a cload for 2d. which was the property of Richard Thaker.

The dispute between Richard Gee and John de Wod continued throughout the 1403 rolls.  The next entry for Richard was in 1416 when William Corsour complained regarding a debt owed by Richard Gee.  He stated that Richard owed him for bread in the amount of 6s.1d., which was due at Christmas in 1413.  This case continues throughout the rolls for the year with no conclusion noted.

In 1496, Arnold Gee, escheater, heard an inquisition in Nottinghamshire.  The position of escheater was extremely important.  When someone who held land of the king died, the excheater was responsible for assessing the value and insuring the king’s interests were protected as well as insuring a proper legal assignment of possession to heirs. The records for 1493-1500 include a suit by William Bele, of Lincoln, merchant against Arnold Jee for payament for wine delivered to David Lewes, Lincoln.

In 1506, Richard Gee took an oath at an inquisition in that county.

The Records of Nottingham

The records in the city of Nottingham indicate that at the end of the 16th century Robert and Thomas Gee were residents.  In the very early 17th century Richard Gee was noted.  The next generation included Raphe, Peter and Marmion Gee.

In 1591 the records note a correction cause against Anthoni Harvey of Ollerton for the clandestine marriage with Ellenor Gee.  The articles refer to events from April to February, in 1590.

In June, 1598, Robert Gee

of Eakring, husbandman gave deposition in a case concerning the goods of the late William Collingworth of Eakring.

In 1598 at Wellow, Retford, Thomas Gee and Ellinne Mydleton were bought before the churchwardens on charges of fornication together.

In 1613 the chruchwardens at Eakring, Newark charged Ales Gee and Richard Greaves ‘cottinger’ for fornication.  The following year Katherine Gee, wife of Richard Gee was charged for not receiving the Holy Communion during the whole year.

In 1619 Raphe Gee was charged with incontinency by the churchwardens of St. Maris in Nottingham.  In 1621 Raph Gee was presented for standing excommunicate and not seeing absolution for two years.  1621 at St. Mary, Nottingham, Raphe Gee with several others was sited for standing excommunicate for two years and not seeing (seeking) absolution. 1634 Raphe Gee and Jane Mason for their incontinency Worksop; then for standing excommunicate

In 1621 churchwardens at Lambly charged Anne Gee for a bastard child begotten by one Robert Ball late of Woodborough.

In 1625 churchwardens of Burton Joyce charged Robort Padlaye of Borton for committing fornication before marriage with one Ann Gee.  Their marriage is noted in that year at St. Peter’s in Nottingham.  Robert was a yeoman.  In East Stoke, in 1628, Peter Gee and his wife were charged by the churchwardens for fornication before marriage.  1628 Peter Gee and his wife, East Stoke, for forncation before marriage.

1630 Marmion Gee, of East Retford, moledinarius, (miller) married … of the same. 1636 Marmion Gee for grinding corn on the Lord’s Day. 1638 Marmion Gee for suffering his servants to carry water on Sundays after evening prayers.  The will of Marmion Gee, gentleman, of Sutton on Lound was filed in April 1649.

1630 Lorans Gee and John Meeke for throwing stones in the church in the time of service on Sunday at Norton Cuckney

1632 Warsop Richard Gee and Mary Simpson alias Ripon upon a common fame of Single fornication.  1634 Richard Gee and Mary his wife for standing excommunicate above six months;  they wer presented by John Chambers and John Newton, churchwardens for the last year, and being cited to appear at the court at Retford, did not appear.

1635 East Retford: Marmaduke Gee was sited for drinking in time of divine service on the Sabbath day at the house of Widdo Radliffe.

1634 Theophilus Gee, of West Retford, gentleman married Anne Stoakeham, of East Retford, widow.  In 1626 Theophilus Gee witnessed a deed.

1634, a 20 year lease for Thomas Gee and Robert Walshe of Stanley Woodthorpe, yeoman, rented for ₤9 from William, Earl of Newcastle.  Close was known as Windermille Hille and Parke which was occupied by John Hides in Woodthorpe.

1637 Millicent Gee of Colwick for not receiving the sacrament last Easter.

In 1638 Jane Gee of East Retford was brought to answer the churchwardens for absenting herself from the parish church, entertaining company drinking in her house, and causing her servants to work on Sundays and holy days.  She was also accused of living uncharitably among her neighbors and making malicious speeches against Elizabeh Welch.

1641 West Bridgford, John Gee and Mary Cowlingworthe for fornication together.

1668 John Gee and Anne his wife of West Bridgford for fornication before marriage.  1669 John Gee for standing excommunicate, West Bridgford.

1684 Thomas Gee, labourer, and Margarett his wife of Bunny, sited for committing fornication before their marriage.


Carlton on Trent … William Gee … 0L 5s 6d

Clipston in Plumtree … John Gee for his Recory in Clipson … 44 pd … 2L 4s 0d

East Markham … Henry Gee …  0L 2s 0d

East Retford… Thomas Gee … Real 0L 1s 0d  Personal  0;  again in February for 3s

 Reverend John Gee, A. M. rector, and prebendary of Sothwell, died age 68 in 1713.



St Mary’s

Gyles Gee, of Gedling, husbandman and Joane Spenser, of Nottingham 1609

Raphe Gee and Grace Trowell were married June 10, 1610

John Gee & Iszabell Kitchin were married June 29, 1630

allhallows gedling


Gedling lies a few miles outside Nottingham.  In 1525, James Gee is mentioned in records about the church at Gedling. Gedling was a village to the west of Nottingham, and is today a part of the city.

1575 Henry Gee married Alice Giles

1578 Henry Gee married Myllie Belie

1579 Alice Gee married William Poslet

1579 Gyles Gee married Anne Averey

1583 Agnes Gee married Robert Belie

1585 William Gee married Ane Walker

Thomas Mitchell, yeoman, married Elizabeth Gee in 1601

Gyles Gee and Joane 1610 a son Edmunde

John and Millicent 1621 a daughter Elizabeth


1537 James Gee of Gedling

1558 Ralph Gee of Huchenall, Torcard

1607 Richard Gee of Ekringe

1610 Henry Gee of Gedling

1611 Robert Gee of Eakering, Newark

1632 Rowland Gee, Eykering, yeoman

1609, Aug. 5 Giles Gee of Gedling, husbandman, married Joane Spenser, parish of St. Mary’s Nottinghamshire, spinster, at St. Mary’s.


Mansfield was on the road from Nottingham to Worksop and the cross road from Newark to Chesterfield.  Marriages for Sheffield, Newark, Nottingham and Retford residents commonly occurred there.  It was in the Forest of Sherwood.

1578 Alice Gee married George Dobb

1578 Issabell Gee married John Dand

1583 Thomas Gee married Johan Heathe

1589 John Gee married Richard Kitchen

1585 The will of Thomas Gee, senior of Mansfield was filed

1589 The will of Thomas Gee of Mansfield was filed.

1645 Susan Gee married James Rawson

The Chappell family also resided at Mansfield, and in 1774 Phoebe Gee married John Chappell, an interesting historical note, given the relationship of the families in Virginia.


Richard Gee married Cicily Cowper 1573

Thomas Gie married Jane Langpherthe 1599

Richard Gee married Catherine Bould 1600

Elizabeth Gee married Jervis Albune 1625

Anne Gee married William Bayly 1628

Ellen Gee married Wiliam Wareing 1628

Rowland Gee and Fanny, his now wife, were married the 28 day of September at Arnall by master Feeldwood, 1657


John Gee married Millicent Carrington 1620


12/22/1585 administration of Joanne Gee of Oxton


1563 Richard Gee married Agnes Warde

1617 Richard Gee married Ellin Harrinson

1619 Anne Gee married Thomas Fox

1640 Richard Gee married Frances Mullenax

Nov. 11, 1592 a tuition bond for Richard and Ann Gee of Morton in the will of Richard Gee of Southwell.

April 15, 1634 Gervase Gee was admitted as a chorister for Southwell Collegiate Church.


1694 Henry Gee married Priscilla Parks


1592 Richard Gee married Elizabeth Needham, widow

1601 Isabell Gee married Edmund Baithley

1626 Richard Gee married Margaret Fletcher

1629 Margaret Gee married John Martiall


1597 Thomas Gee married Elizabeth Muche

1596 Richard Gee married Ellin Wiggin


1583 Anne Gee married Richard Greine

Nov. 29, 1595 will of Tristam Gee of Kirlington

Julu 17, 1614 will and memo on will of Henry Gee of Kirklington, gentleman



Richard Gee married Margret Mycock, July, 1600

1600 Richard Gee, 1634 Anne Gee, 1635 Mary Gee,

Richard Gee married Elizabeth Keetone Aug. 1633

Richard Gee died 1639


1632 December 26 Parnella and Anna


Raphe Gee married Jane Mason April 21, 1634

1637 Elizabeth Gee, 1639 Lawrence Gee, 1643

Agnes Gee, 1645 Peter Gee, 1648 Abigall Gee,

1674 Jone wife of Lawrence Gee died

Ralph Gee, a poor man, died Feb. 1680


1660 John Gee, 1664 Elizabeth Gee, 1667 Ralph Gee, 1668 Mary Gee,

1670 William Gee, 1673 Anne Gee, 1677 Joseph Gee

1674 Elizabeth Gee daughter died,

1680 Jane wife of Joseph Gee died

1680 Joseph son of Joseph Gee died

Joseph Gee, laborer, died 1681

Mary Gee married James Lun 1690

Anne Gee, widow died 1695

Anne Gee, spinster died 1698


John Gee, of Colwick married Millicent Carrington of Gedling at Colwick

1636 April 10 John Gee and Robert Gee


1594 Ralph Gee married Elizabeth Pidcock

Burton Joyce

Peter Gee married Jone Mason 1658

Rowland Gee married Isabel Clemson 1670

Joseph Gee married Elizabeth Hallam 1688

Isabel Gee married Nathaniel Wilkinson 1691


Elizabeth Gee married John Barnett 1684

Ann Gee of Wilford married William Allured 1688

Alice Gee of Calverton married Richard Cropper 1689


Henry Gee of East Markham married Elizabeth Turtle of Kirton 1658

East Markham


1666 December 27 Henry Gee

1670 Oct 2 Robert Gee

1671 October 13 Henry Gee

1675 November 23 Richard Gee

1680 June 5 Garins Gee


1696 William Gee

1698 October 28 John and James Gee

Newark upon Trent


1671 Thomas a son born to Charles Gee


March 10, 1669 will of William Gee

East Retford

Thomas Gee and Dorothy 1676 a son Thomas


1627 will of Richard Gee, Rolston

West Bridgford


1620 Richard Gee married Anne Finnes

1621 John Gee

1627 Anne Gee

1641 John Gee married Mary Cowlingworth

1676 Richard Gee married Mary Hallam

1696 Thomas Gee married Mary Bate


1689 Anne Gee married James Gonne

1715 Richard Gee married Elizabeth Cooper


1641 John Gee married Mary Cowlingworth

John Gee and Mary

1641 John Gee

John Gee and Ann

1668 Mary Gee

1676 Richard Gee married Mary Hallam

1683 Robert Gee married Alice Smith

1696 Thomas Gee married Mary Bate



1665 Anne Gee

1668 Henry Gee

1671 William Gee

1674 Jane Gee


1682 Anne Gee

Gringley on the Hill


1636 William Gee


1665 William Gee

1667 Thomasin Gee

East Stoke

In 1637 Peter Gee basket-maker married Jane Crispin.

1679 William Gee basket-maker, widower married Sarah Stevens of Sutton –in –Ashfield, 50, widow.

1688 Richard Gee of East Stoke, husbandman, age 24 to Mary Sparrow of Kirkby-in Ashfield, age 27, at St. Peter’s, Nottinghamshire.  A bond by William Gee of East Stoke, husbandman, was posted.


Robert Gee married Alice Smith January, 1683


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