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17th Century Leicestershire Records


City of Leicester

Marmion Gee and Margaret

Marmion Gee of Leicester and Aylestone was baptised in Aylestone in 1639. He was one of the sons of Emanuel Gee of Aylestone who died in 1686.   His uncle may have been Marmion Gee, of East Retford, Nottinghamshire, moledinarius, (miller) who was noted as marrying in 1630.  The will of Marmion Gee, gentleman, of Sutton on Lound, Nottinghamshire, was filed in April 1649.

Marmion Gee and Margaret were noted in the registry of St. Mary, in Leicester for the birth of Catharine.  Their son Marmion was born in June, 1665 and in 1700 he too was the father of a son named Marmion.  In 1702 the will of Marmion Gee, gentleman, was filed in Leicester. (See Nottinghamshire)  In 1715, Marmion Gee, son of Marmion Gee, gentleman, was apprenticed in Coventry, Warwickshire to John Middleton, of Coventry, dyer.

In the records of St. Martin, in the City of Leicester, are two John Gee families appearing to be of the same age.  There is no indication of their relationship.  Certainly they are likely cousins but of what measure it cannot be determined.

John Gee and Elizabeth of St. Martin

John Gee and Elizabeth are noted for the birth of these children in the register of St. Martin: 1671 John Gee; 1672 William Gee; 1674 Elizabeth Gee; 1675 Elizabeth, died in 1676; October 23, 1677 Elizabeth Gee; 1682 Catherine Gee.  The death of John Gee was recorded October 20, 1699.    The will of John Gee (Jee), Leicester, was filed in 1699.

Richard Gee is noted in Leicester, but no parish is given. The date was October 20, 1684 and Richard and his wife Ann were entered in the registry as the parents of Elizabeth.  On that same day, Richard also buried his wife, Ann, who most certainly died in childbirth.

John Gee and Margaret of St. Martin

John Gee and Margaret Gee resided in the City of Leicester and the births of several children are noted there in the register of St. Martin: 1675 Jonathan Gee; October 15, 1677 Ann Gee; March 12, 1678 Thomas Gee; March 21, 1679 Thomas Gee; Oct. 1684, Thomas Gee was buried.  Other children noted were: 1680 Mary Gee; 1682 David Gee; June 9, 1686 Thomas Gee; 1687 Elizabeth Gee; May 16; 1689 Margaret Gee; Feb. 16, 1689 Jane Gee; and 1692 Benjamin Gee.

St. Leonard

William Gee and Mary were the parents of Diana in 1690.  In 1702 the will of William Gee, of St. Leonard’s, Leicester was filed.


Both Rothley and Aylestone were within a few miles of the city of Leicester.  Aylestone in 1086, in the Domesday Survey, was held held by the first Beaumont, earl of Leicester, and the Beaumonts held the manor for four generations.  Under Henry I, the Beaumonts acquired over 70 manors in Leicester by overpowering the Grentemaisnil family of Leicestershire.  These mansions became known as the honour of Leicester.

In 1280, the Pembrugge family became the demesne owners of Aylestone, in service of one knight’s fee from the earl of Winchester.  After several generations, the manor of Aylestone passed to the descendents of Richard de Vernon, chivaler (knight), who married Juliana de Pembrugge.  Their grandson, Henry, was governor to Arthur, Prince of Wales, a Knight of the Bath and husband to Anne, daughter of John Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury.  In 1565 the estate passed to Dorothy Vernon, wife of John Manners.  Their grandson, John Manners became the eighth earl of Rutland, and also held the manor of Aylestone.  This family held Aylestone until 1869.

The Protestation Rolls for Leicestershire and Derbyshire are not held by the House of Lords with the other rolls.  Only four parishes for Leicestershire had been discovered as of 1911.  These parishes were Aylestone, Bitteswelll, Frolesworth, and Gaddesby.  The Protestation list for Aylestone in 1641only includes Emmanuel Gee, of Ayelstone, who was the father of William who died in 1681.  The lay subsidies prior to the 1663 Hearth Tax do not include anyone named Gee, or anyone of a similar name.  However, in 1663, which is when John Manners, 8th earl of Rutland, held the manor, the Gee family was firmly established.  It is highly likely that they were in service to John Manners and when he came into possession, they moved to the manor.  In the1663 Hearth Tax in Leicestershire, the Earl of Rutland had 9 hearths.  William Paske, clerk had 10 hearths and John Jones, clerk had 4 hearths.   Next were Emanuel Gee and William Gee, each with 3 hearths.  The remaining 39 homes in Aylestone manor had 1 or 2 hearths.   I believe this indicates that Emanuel and William were stewards to the Earl.

Inscriptions at Ayelstone:

Her(e) lieth the body of William son of Emanuel Gee of this parish who departed this life April 6, 1681, aged …

Here lieth the body of Henry Gee, of Ailestone, chirugeon, fourth son of Emmanuel Gee who departed this life October the 10th anno Domini 1683, aged 42 years.  Here also lieth the body of Mrs. Mary Gee, the wife of Henry Gee, who departed this life October the … anno Domn. 1728, aged 78 years.

Here lieth the body of Mary the wife of Henry Gee, who departed this life the 6th day of July, 1718, in the 57th year of her age.

Here lieth the body of Henry Gee, who departed this life the 9th day of May, anno domini 1721, in the 68th year of his age. Here also lieth interred the body of Mary Seale, wife of Thomas Seale, and widow of the above Henry Gee.  She departed this life June 17, 1765, aged 77 years.

Henry Gee, surgeon, was the father of William Gee who in 1690 was apprenticed to John Ruslen, goldsmith of London, for seven years.


1627 Emanuel Gee married Katherine Lubnam

1662 Marmion Gee married Margarett Bent

1667 Henry Gee of Aylestone married Mary Ludlam

1678 Henry Gee of Aylestone married Mary Seal

1681 William Gee of Aylestone will

1683 Henry Gee of Aylestone Will and Administration

1684 John Gee of Aylestone married Mary Slater

1686 Emmanuel Gee will

1695 Mary Gee married John Bulter

1719 Henry Gee of Aylestone married Mary Spencer of Frith

1724 Henry Gee of Aylestone will

1727 John Gee, Jr. Aylestone will

It should be noted that in 1682 Marmion Gee and Emanuel Gee were both disclaimed by the Herald as having no right to display the Gee coat of arms.  This also separates the associated Nottinghamshire lines from those of Alexander Gee.

East of Leicester in the Billesdon District

Henry Gey of Tilton on the Hill

Tilton on the Hill is located outside of Leicester about 11 miles to the east.  Melton Mobray is 10 miles to the northeast.  It sets high above the surrounding farmland.  The manor of Tilton was possessed by the Digbys from 1346. Everard Digby, who was a Catholic and was executed for the Gun Powder Plot of 1605, held the manor of Tilton among other estates in Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire. In 1607 Henry Gey was noted as holding fifteen acres of arable land converted from tillage into pasture at Tilton on the Hill.

Dionis (denis) Gee, Kibworth

Dionis Gee was noted for three children: 1662 Mary Gee, 1665 John Gee, and 1673 Dorothy Gee.

John Gee, Stretton Parva

Stretton Parva is located about 5 miles south east of Leicester.  John Gee and Susan are noted for the birth of Susanna Gee in 1682 and William Gee in 1686.

John Gee and Elizabeth, Burton Overy

John and Elizabeth were the parents of Ann Gee in 1695.

Kirkby Beler

 Richard Gee and Maria

Kirkby Beler lies just outside of Melton Mowbray.  Richard Jee and Maria were the parents of Rachel in 1674.  The tomb of Richard Jee, senior, is in the church-yard at Kirkby-Bellers noting that he died at the age of 57 in 1699.

Thomas Gee

            Thomas Gee was noted for the birth of William in April, 1690.  This is likely the same Thomas Gee noted at Rothley in 1699 for the birth of Mary in August.

George Gee

            George Gee was noted for the birth of Elizabeth in September, 1697.

Along the Border of Northamptonshire

The villages of Husband Bosworth, Lutterworth, and Lilbourne in Northamptonshire are very close.  It is likely that the families that resided in this area, though in different counties, were related.  The earliest records occure in Lilbourne in Northamptonshire, which lies just north of Rugby on the road to Lutterworth.

 Lilbourne, Northamptonshire

Lilbourne is located between Rugby and Stanworth on Avon and is only 4 miles outside of Rugby on the river Avon.  It stands adjacent the boundary of Northampton, Leicestershire and Warwickshire and is 7 miles southwest of Welford.  A Norman motte-and-bailey castle lies east of All Saints, the chapel dating from the 12th century.  Another, smaller motte and bailey castle is northwest at Lilbourne Gorse.  Lilbourne was a busy trading center. Lilbourne manor was sold and resold, beginning in 1550.   Lilbourne’s common fields were enclosed by 1663 which may account for absence of the Gee family shortly before this date.  They are not listed in the Hearth Tax Returns of 1662, 1663, 1669 and 1674.  Many residents in Lilbourne removed to Leicestershire, as their small plots no longer made it possible to survive economically without access to common fields.

William Gee was sued by John Collies, husbandman of Lilbourne regarding a messuage and land in Lilbourne.  The exact date was not given, but a range of 1492 to 1547.  This may be in connection with his death. The will of William Gee of Lilbourne was noted page 84 Book M, 1547-57.  William appears to have been the father of William, Renolde, Henry and Richard.  The parentage of William is not clear.  He may be from Hyde in Cheshire, as the name Reynold occurs there at this time in the records of Stockport Parish of St. Mary.   Another possibility is that William was originally from the Bedfordshire village Renhold where a family Joye, alias Gee, resided from before the time of the Tudors.  It is just not clear.  This family used the names William, Henry, George, John, and Alexander, among others.

Renolde Gee

Renolde Gee is identified in his burial entry in 1620 as a cottier. A cottier was a tenant farmer, who farmed at the will of the landowner.  He had no copyhold and was low on the economic scale.  The parish registry records these children for him without identifying his wife:  Richard Gee 1589; Samuel Gee 1592; Daniel Gee a son of Renolde Gee died in January, 1592-93; Elizabeth Gee 1593-94; Susanna Gee 1596-97; Ursula Gee 1598-99, who died the following April; William Gee 1603.

Henry Gee and Mary

Henry Gee married Mary Elkington on 3rd June, 1605.  Their daughter Elizabeth Gee was christened July 21st, in 1605 but she died in August.  They then became the parents of:  Joan Gee, 1608/09; William Gee, 1612; Mary Gee, 1618.

Henry Gee, died in April, 1631, seised of a messuage and of one virgate of arable and pasture land at Bitterswell, and lands at Lilbourne.  An Inquisition Post Mortem notes that William Gee, ideota est, Inquisition at Northampton July 30, Car. I. (Charles I) Northampton, Leicester.  Henry Gee, brother died without heirs April, 1631; Johanna 1 sister, act. 20; Marion 2 sister, act. 13.  Johanna Gee and Marion inherited as there was no male descendent.

William Gee

The records are nearly blank regarding William, whose will was filed in May, 1615.  He was recorded as having a daughter Mary Gee, in 1577/78.

Richard Gee

Richard married Mary Flecton on 18th Sept. 1604.  Their children are not recorded in Lilbourne, but in 1621 the registry notes the birth of an unnamed child.   In 1625-1640 there is a Chauncery suit between Richard Gee and Thomas Gee, with others regarding the property in Lilbourne.


Elizabeth Gee w/o Richard Gee Dec.1635

Elizabeth Gee 25th July 1667

Henry Gee 1st Nov. 1618

Mary Gee 8th Aug.1627

William Gee 7th Nov. 1633

William Gee 2nd Nov. 1649

Marie Gee 8th April 1665


Mary Gee to John Mason on 15th May 1601


Joan Gee of Lilbourne will is noted page 76 Book Q 1617

Eleanor Gee of Lilbourne will is noted 41 Book AV, 1621 – 28

Husbands Bosworth

Husbands Bosworth is 13 miles south of Leicester on the border with Northamptonshire.  It is one mile east of Welford.  The desolution under Henry VIII, resulted in the property of Leicester Abbey being granted in 1553 to Thomas Reve and George Cotton of London. This was several messuages and over 100 acres of land.  Sulby Abbey in Northamptonshire also held land in Husbands Bosworth which was purchased by William Cradock in 1557, but the Grange came into the possession of Edward, Lord Clinton in 1551.  There were three watermills in 1569 along the Avon and there may have been two other mills of ancient origin, one a windmill give by the Abbot of Sulby in 1252.

The Stoke family held the manor at Husbands Bosworth until 1562.  The manor then changed ownership rapidly for the remainder of the century from Brian Cave, to William Brocas, to John Bogert, to Erasmus Smith.  The Smith family continued to hold the manor until 1617, when George Walker came into possession and quickly conveyed it to David Papillon.  It was finally sold to the Manners family in 1630.  The manor was occupied by Grace, daughter of Sir John Manners and Dorothy Vernon, and widow of Sir Francis Fotescue.  The Manners family also held Aylestone Manor.  Grace Manners Fotescue was a devote Catholic and Husbands Bosworth was the center of Catholic influence under the Fotescue family.  The Basset family of Weldon, Northamptonshire also held some property there.  In 1563 there were 72 families residing at Husbands Bosworth, and 1670 there were 98.  It was one of the larger villages in the area.

Rowland Gee and Elizabeth

Oct. 19, 1627 Rowland Gee married Elizabeth Shepheard. Rowland Gee is noted in the records of Leicestershire for the birth of several children: 1628 Edward Gee, 1632 Denis Gee, 1634 Lucy Gee died 1643, 1636 John Gee, 1639 Thomas Gee, and 1642 Rowland Gee, who died a few months later.  It would seem that Rowland is related to the Gee family of the same period in Eykering, Nottinghamshire. (See Nottinghamshire.)

Edward Gee

Edward Gee and Elizabeth were noted for a son Rowland Gee in 1650 and a son Edward Gee in 1653.   Edward and Joane were noted for a son John Gee who was born in 1668 and died the following year.  Their daughter Barbarry Gee was born in 1670 and a daughter Easter Gee was born in 1673.

Richard Jee

Richard Jee married Rebeckah Bellocke on February 3, 1680 at Husbands Bosworth.  Richard and Beckah were noted in 1681 for Elizabeth, who died the day after her christening on December 14.  In 1682 another daughter was christened Elizabeth Gee.

John Gee and Susan

John Gee and Susan were noted in 1682 for Susan Gee and in 1686 for William Gee.

George Jee and Emma

George Jee and Emma were noted for a daughter Sarah Jee who was born, and died, in 1700.


Lutterworth lies in south Leicestershire just north of Lilbourne and near Rugby in Warwickshire.  Lutterworth is also very near Husbands Bosworth, which lies to the east.

Richard Gee

Richard was noted for the birth of these children: 1674 Elizabeth Gee; 1679 Jane Gee; 1691 Ruth Gee; 1694 Richard Gee; 1697 Ruth Gee; and 1700 Elizabeth Gee.

William Gee

William was record in January, 1679 for the birth of Elizabeth Gee, in September, 1688 for the birth of Elizabeth Gee, and in April, 1690 for the birth of Elizabeth.  William Gee was recorded for the birth of John Gee in 1672, and Thomas Gee 1675.  Richard Gee was born in 1691.

John Gee

1695 John Gee married Cathrine Randall, Lutterworth. John was recorded in 1700 for the birth of Hannah Gee.

North Kilworth

North Kilworth is ½ mile west of Welford and 5 miles south of Lutterworth, on the river Avon.  In 1681 Edward Gee married Elizabeth Highskin, North Kilworth.  Edward Gee and Elizabeth were noted in North Kilworth for these children: 1683 Edward Gee; 1687, Mary Gee; 1691 Kezia Gee; 1693 Richard died in July, 1695; 1697 Richard Gee; and 1700 Thomas Gee.


1584 Alice Gee married Henry Mason, Barwell

1686 Richard Gee married Ann Gamble at Stonton-Wyville

1699 Thomas Gee married Mary Scimpton, Lockington

1650 Jane Gee married Edward Jenkinson

1661 George Gee married Ann Myles, Shenton

1667 George Gee married Ann Crowder, Shenton

1667 Henry Gee married Mary Ludlam, Desford

1672 Wiliam Gee married Mary Sikes, Newtown Linford

1672 Sarah Gee married James Cheickley, Newtown Linford

1670 Ann Gee married Robert Wheatley, Newtown Linford

1687 Dennis Gee married Jane French, Kibworth Beauchamp

Wills in Leicesterhire

1686 Richard Gee (Jee), Sibston Administration

1686 William Gee, Sibston Administration

1701 John Gee, Ulverscroft Abbey

1719 Edward Gee, Woodhouse Eaves

1720 John Gee (Jee), Leicester

1725 George Gee, South Kilworth Administration

1726 William Gee (Jee), Sibston

1729 Samuel Gee (Jee), Ashby Old Park

Along the Border with Warwickshire


In 1086 Hinckley was a very large village with 300 residents.  Hinckley had a fair each year that drew people from Leicestershire and Warwickshire.  The village was struck by the plague in 1626.  The Gee family at Hinckley, Market Bosworth and nearby hamlet may have their roots in Warwickshire.  Nuneaton is just across the border and only a few miles away.  In 1322, at Hinckelee Manor is noted Roger Joy.

John Gee was noted as the father of a daughter in 1585 at Nuneaton. (See Warwickshire.)

Richard Gee, St Mary

Richard Gee was noted as the father of Richard in September, 1625.  The child’s death was recorded in October, 1626.

Richard Gee and Susanna, Burbage

Burbage is a hamlet of Hinckley.  Richard and Susanna were noted in 1637 for the birth of Sarah Gee.


Peckleton lies8 miles west of central Leicester between Market Bosworth and Desford.  Nearby, to the south, is Hinckley.  It was also called Pecklington, Peculden and Peycelton.

In the 1635 Visitation to London:

William Wightman from Wickin, Leicestershire father of John Wightman of Hinkley in Leicester married Ann daughter of Thomas Moreton of Coton, Warwickshire.  They had three sons: John Wightman grocer of London, in 1634, the eldest who married Constance, daughter of John Johnson, DD. Archdeacon of Worcester; and died without heirs;  Thomas Wightman of Peckleton, Leciester,  who was the father of John Wightman and Dorothy Wightman; and Edward Wightman of Hinkley who left heirs.  Their sister was Elizabeth Wightman who married Thomas Gee, Merchant of London.  Thomas Gee and Elizabeth were  the parents of Robert Gee, Mary, and Elizabeth Gee.

By the 18th century the Jee family was settled in Peckleton.  Interestingly, Nichols in his 4th Volume of the History of Leicester, attributes to the Jee family the same coat of arms of Sir William Gee, and claims their descent from Alexander Gee noted in the time of Henry I.  No proof is offered.

In 1766 is the notation of the memorial to Mary Jee, wife of John Jee, and daughter of Bartholomew Wightman, gentleman and Dorothy his wife, died …aged 35.  John Jee died in 1767 and was buried at St. Ma rtin. Of direct descent from this union was Thomas Wightman Jee who eventually inherited from Thomas Wightman land held in Peckleton, Leicestershire.  There is a memorial dated 1793 for Elizabeth Jee, wife of John Jee, aged 50 years at the time of her death.


Thornton is located 6 miles north east of Market Bosworth.  In the mid 14th century, Thornton and Bagworth, Leicestershire were purchased from John Harcourt and Robert Willoughby by Robert de Holland, knight who married Maud La Zouche.  In 1471 Sir William Hastings, son of Sir Leonard Hastings and Alice Camoys, and husband of Katherine Neville, received permission to convert his homes at Ashby de la Zouche, Bagworth, Thornton, and Kirby into castles.  The work at Kirby, only a few miles from the city of Leicester, began in 1480.   Sir William Hastings was the dear friend and distant cousin of Edward IV.  Sir William became the Steward of the Honor of Leicester and Ranger of Leicester Forest.   Hastings fell from power upon the death of Edward IV and in 1483 was beheaded by Richard III.  He is the Lord Hastings spoken of by Shakespeare.  His wife, who died in 1503, was buried at Ashby la Zouch.  (see William Gee, of Leamington Hastings.)

Sir Leonard Hastings owned modest estates in Leicestershire and Gloucestershire.  He was sheriff in 1453-54. He was the brother of Richard Hastings, of Burton Hastings.  Their father was Sir Ralph Hastings.

There are only three entries for Gees in the parish register, clearly being three generations and so it is most likely that this family resided or worshiped elsewhere.  I suspect these recordings are of first born sons who stood to inherit property in or very near Thornton.

Henry Gee is noted in the register on January 23, 1653 for the birth of an unnamed son.

Richard Gee was noted in January, 1684 for the birth of son John Gee.

John Gee was noted in the register with his wife Anne for the birth of a son John Gee in 1714.

It is noted that William Gee, yeoman of Woodhouse with Richard Gee and Thomas Drumbleby, yeomen, Shepsyde(Sheepside) gave a bond of  ₤20 to Sir William Heyricke for the performance of covenants in indentures.   In the Woodhouse register is the record of the marriage of William Gee to Elizabeth Bosworth, alias Greene in April, 1635.


Markfield lies 7 miles northwest of Leicester, outside of Market Bosworth.  Towards the end of the 17th century there are notations for two Gee families.  William Gee, and his wife Mary, are noted for the birth of William in 1675.  Then about 10 years later John (Gee) Jee and Frances were noted for the birth of John Jee in 1675; Ann Jee 1679; Mary Jee in 1685, and Elizabeth Jee in 1686.

St. Botolph, Sibson

Sibson also known as Sibbesdon and Sibstone lies about 4 miles outside of Aetherstone along the border with Warwickshire.  It is 8 miles from Hinckley and four from Market Bosworth.  The city of Leicester is about sixteen miles.

William Gee and Mary

            William and Mary are recorded for the birth of Mary Gee in 1683.  The will of William Gee of Sibston was administered in 1686.  In 1689, Mary Jee, widow participated in the sale of a messuage, lands and appurtenances in Nether Witacre.  William Machem of Flanders in the parish if Kingsbury, Warwickshire, yeoman, Elizabeth, his wife, Thomas Devit of Atherson, Warwickshire, perrywiggmaker, Elizabeth, his wife, Mary Jee of Sibston, Leicestershire, widow, and Lucy Machem, spinster, of Leicestershire, conveyed this land to Edward Stratford of Anceley, Warwickshire.

Richard Jee and Anne

Richard Jee and Elizabeth were noted for the birth of William Jee in 1648, Margery Jee in 1650, and Thomas Jee in 1653.  The will of Richard Gee (Jee) was filed in 1686.  The will of William Gee (Jee) of Sibston was filed in 1726.

Richard and Anne are noted for the birth of Elizabeth Jee in the records of St. Botolph, in Sibson on October 20, 1684.

George Gee, Shenton

Shenton is a hamlet of Hinckley.  George Gee was noted for the birth of Elizabeth Gee in February, 1667.