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Thomas Gee, Sr. of Broughton Hamlet, Salford Township

(Salford Tax List 1524, widow noted in 1543)

Broughton Hamlet was only 1 ½ miles north of 19th century Manchester along the river Irwell.  In 1801 Broughton only had 800 residents and was engaged in cloth making.  It is very near Salford Township, and today is a part of the inner city of Salford.  The main road ran from Manchester to Bury and was joined by a road from Salford which crossed the Irwell at Broughton.  In 1578, Broughton Manor was sold by William Stanely, Lord Mounteagle to Henry Stanley, the 4th Earl of Derby.  Stanley gave the manor to his illegitimate son, Henry Stanley, whose son Ferdinando Stanley later inherited the manor.  Ferdinando was a Royalist and was taken prisoner by Lord Fairfax at Selby.  Eventually, in 1700 the Chethams came into possession of the manor after lending the Stanleys money throughout the preceeding decades.

There was no church in Salford until Humphrey Booth fostered the construction of Sacred Trinity. Subscriptions were taken for its construction in 1634. Thomas Gee was noted in the Salford Tax in 1524 along with Henry Gee.  It is not clear, but it would seem that he resided in Broughton Hamlet where his widow was noted in 1543.  Clearly the family was associated with the Stanleys, Lords Mounteagle, as well as the Booths.  Thomas appears to be the father of Richard Gee, Thomas Gee, and William Gee of Salford.

The Salford Hundred Tax List note Thomas Gee in 1524 and his widow in 1543.  The widow of William Gee is also noted in the Tax List in 1543.  It is likely that they were brothers.  Thomas lived in Broughton Hamlet near Salford Towndhip.  William lived in Manchester Parish, which included Salford Township.

Thomas Gee, Beer Brewer, Salford (Thomas d. 1543)

In 1549 Grace Hardie wife of Robert Hardie brought a libel suit against Thomas Gee for defamatory words.  In 1567 Thomas Gee was fined for giving John Barraclough a blow, and for selling ale contrary to the orders.  It is noted in the register of Manchester that Isabel wife to Thomas Gee died in August, 1591.

Thomas Gee, Beer Brewer, Salford, died 1605 (Thomas d. 1591)

The register of St. Mary at Eccles indicates Thomas was the father of twin daughters on January 7, 1584.  He was not married to the mother, Elizabeth Langshew.  Thomas appears many times in the records of Salford Township in regards to his father’s ale house.

The Salford Portmote Records indicate Thomas Gee was fined for not properly measuring when selling his ale in 1599 and 1600. In 1598 Thomas Gee, beer brewer, was sited by the Portmote for having a dunghill in the street and not getting it away. Later in the year he was sited for unlawfull card games.  In 1599 Thomas got into trouble for keeping his swine unlocked and allowing them to damage his neighbors.  Then at the same court Thomas and 8 other keepers of alle houses were listed as not selling alle accoding to the measures as were delivered.  Then, right after this it is noted that on May 21, Peter Dudlow mad a broyle upon Tomas Gee, but no blood was shed.  In 1601 Thomas was ordered to make sufficiently done his hedge of about one yard in length at the head of the Gravel Hole croft, between his orchard and Mrs. Byromes croft.  He was also fined for not keeping his swine locked up so they would not damage the property of his neighbor. Again in 1602, Thomas was fined for not selling his ale according to the statutes.  By 1603, it was Thomas who was inspecting the sale of ale, but this did not keep him from having difficulties, as he was fined the following for selling bread and ale by too little measures.  The records note that Thomas of Salford, householder died in 1605.

Richard Gee, of Salford

Richard Gee was the father of: Jana, 1592; William, 1593; and Allis, 1601.  It is noted that the wife of Richard Gee died in 1597.  It is likely that he remarried as Richard was the father of Allis in 1601/2. In 1606, the birth of Thomas son of Richard Gee of Salford was recorded in Manchester.  The Manchester records indicate the child died shortly after his birth.  This was also recorded in St. Mary’s register at Barton (Eccles) as the death of a child of Richard Gee.

Eccles Parish, Salford Hundred


It appears that Gees had been affiliated with Eccles Parish from very early.  Eccles Parish is across the river adjacent to Manchester Parish and Stretford. It included the townships of Barton-upon Irwell, Clifton, Pendlebury, Pendleton, Irlam, and Worsley.  The town of Barton-upon-Irwell was also called Eccles, and is known by that name today. The church at Eccles (Barton-upon-Irwell) in Eccles Parish is St. Mary the Virgin.  The Manor of Barton belonged to the Booth family, until 1586 when it came under the control of the Trafford family of Stretford and Trafford.  Agriculture, including oats and barley, along with cottage industries, such as weaving in linen and wool, was the sources of income.

Barton Old Hall

Barton Old Hall

By 1641 the Protestation for Eccles Parish

Thomas, Lawrence, John, William, Thomas and Gyles

It is unclear if this family is descended from Thomas of Salford or the Gee family in Stretford.  There are numerous references to people from Eccles in the Stretford register, so clearly commerce and families existed between the two areas.

There are some possible clues and connections.  First both families used the name John, Richard and Edmunde (Edward).  No record of an Edward Gee has been found at Stretford, but the use of the name in the earliest generations points to a senior Edward, either father or grandfather of those raising families in the early portion of the 16th century.  The earlies known Edmund Gee is found at Barton on Irewell.  He died in 1563.  I believe he is a progenitor for many of the Barton on Irewell family, and I believe he is connected to the Gee family in Stretford.

Rodger Gee, of Salford

There is little information on Rodger.  It is noted in January, 1571/72 the wife of Rodger Gee died.

William Gee

In December, 1576 Alicea Gee, widow of William Gee married Oliver Johnson at St. Mary’s in Eccles.  William Gee was assessed for xl shillings in the levy of 1543 in Stretford.   Then in 1549 a Willim Gee was included in the muster for Stretford, but he was not included in the 1569 muster. This is likely because he had removed to Manchester Parish.  There are no further records for William in Stretford or in Manchester.  It is noted that William Gee died in Barton in March 1575/75.  At St. Mary’s in December, 1576 Alicea Gee, widow of William Gee married Oliver Johnson.

John Gee

John and Elizabeth Thirlwinde were married in 1583.  They appear to be the parents of: John, 1589 who died in October, 1591.  The death of John Gee was recorded in April, 1592.

Richard Gee of Barton

The will of Richard Gee of Barton on Irwell was filed in 1592. Evidently he was a yeoman and did well financially. It is likely that he was involved in the cloth trade as well.  He would appear to be the father of Richard born in 1587, who died in March, 1591. It is noted that the wife of Richard Gee died in 1587, perhaps as a consequence of childbirth.  Manchester notes that Massy, widow of Richard Gee was buried in 1598.  She is likely his widow.

Descendents of Richard Gee of Barton

It seems, based on the name Richard as his first born son, that Thomas Gee who married Elizabeth Irlam in 1618 was a son of this Richard.  Their children were: Elizabeth, 1619: Richard, 1622; Thomas, 1625; John, 1628; and Anne, 1630.

John Gee, son of Richard of Barton

The will of John Gee, of Barton, was filed in 1640.  He was a chapman, which indicates he was dealing in cloth, and likely was financing the weaving in Barton.  It may be that he was the son or grandson of Richard Gee of Barton who died, leaving a will, in 1592. He is likely the father of Elline, 1602 and Edmund, 1605.  It is later noted that the marriage on November 20, 1655 of Thomas Gee of Barton, widower, son of John Gee of Barton, deceased, Chapman, & Ellen Leigh of Barton, widow, and daughter of Lawrence Parren of Hulme, occurred at Manchester before the Justice of the Peace.

William Gee, son of John of Barton

In 1627 William married Ellen Charleses.  Their children were: Ellen, 1628; John, 1631.  The will of William Gee of Barton upon Irwell, chapman, was filed in 1650.  It is most likely that he is a son of John Gee.

Edmunde Gee, of Barton

Edmunde’s will was filed in 1702.  He is likely the Edmunde Gee of Cheethum who was the father of Charles Gee, born in 1687.  Cheethum was a Hamlet of Salford near Barton.

Births, St. Mary the Virgin, Eccles Township, Eccles Parish

(On the River Irwell 1 mile from Barton Upon Irwell now joined as one town,  3 miles from Flixton , 4 miles from Manchester )

No parent given

1564 a son John d. 1564

1565/6 a dau Margerie   d. 1572

1571 a dau Ales (Alice)

1571 a son Lawrence

1586/7 a son Richardus (Richard)  d. 1587

1593 a son Johanis (John)

1595 a dau Aliciae (Alicia) d. 1605

1596 a son Richardus (Richard) d. 1601

1597 a son Thomas

1597/8 a dau Helena d.1597/8

1598/9 a son Guilielmus (William)

1599/00 a son Guilielmus

1600 a dau Anna

Thomas d. 1605

1583/4 Jan. 7, a dau Isabella illegitimate:

mother Elizabeth Langshew d. 1585

1583/4 Jan. 7, a dau Jona illegitimate: mother Elizabeth Langshew

recorded in Manchester Parish: 1605 Thomas Gee of Salford, householder died

Johanis (John)  d. 1592

1589 a son Johanis (John) d. 1589

1591 a dau Helena d. 1591


1601/2 a dau Elline

1605 a son Edmundus (Edmund)


1591/2 a dau Jana

1592/3 a son Guilielmus (William)

1601/2 a dau Allis

recorded in Manchester Parish in 1606 is the birth of Thomas, a son of Richard of Salford

Lawrencij (Lawrence)

1604/5 a dau Joanna


1619 a dau Elizabeth

1622 a son Richard

1625 a son Thomas

1628 a son John

1630 a dau Anne


1628 a dau Ellin

1631 a son John


1632 a dau Alis

Marriages St. Mary the Virgin, Eccles, (Barton), Eccles Parish

1576 Alicea Gee, widow William – Oliver Johnsonne

1583 Johanis Gee – Elizabetha Thirlwinde

1605 Robartus Lawrencsone – Elizabetha Gee

1608 Richard Haughton – Jane Gee

1618 Thomas Gee – Elizabeth Irlam

1624 Thomas Edge – Ellin Gee

1627 William Gee – Ellen Charleses

1630 William Gee – Margrett Derbishire

1631 Richard Gee – Alice Barlowe

1633 George Greenes & Dorothy Gee

1633 Laurence Gee & Gillian Pendleton

1637 Laurence Gee & Issabell Waringe

1640 Thomas Gee & Alice Bishop

1643 Richard Bury & Sara Gee

1645 William Gee & Debora Ouldam (Oldham

Wills Filed at the Ecclesiastical Court in Chester

1592 Richard of Barton on Irwell

1639 Alice Gee widow, Barton on Irwell

1640 John of Barton on Irwell

1650 William of Barton on Irwell

1697 John of Barton on Irwell

1702 Edmund of Barton on Irwell

Burials recorded at St. Mary the Virgin, Eccles, Barton, Eccles Parish

Mar. 1563 Ane GeeJul.

1563 Edmunde Gee

Feb. 1564/65 John Gee

1568 John Gee

Jan.1571/72 Wife of Rodger Gee

Aug. 1572 Margret Gee

Mar. 1574/75 William Gee

Apr. 1574 John Gee

Feb. 1585/86 Issabella Gee

Jul. 1587 wife of Richard Gee

Sep. 1589 son of John Gee

Sep. 1590 son of Margret Gee

Jun. 20, 1591 Thomas Gee

Oct. 1591 Helena dau John Gee

Mar.1591 a son of Richard Gee

Apr. 1592 John GeeNov.

1597 wife of Richard GeeFeb.

1597  Helena Gee

Apr. 1600 Elinora Gee

Dec. 1601 Richard Gee

Sep. 1602 child of Ellen Gee

Jul. 1605 Alicea Gee

Feb. 1606/07 a child of Richard Gee

Apr. 1610 Issabella Gee

Feb. 1610/11 Mauda Gee

Winwick and Warrington Parishes

Nearby Winwick parish provides a few early records.  This parish was controlled by the Stanley family at the time.  Nearby is Houghton Greene manor house.  St. Oswald was the church which serviced Winwick Parish, which included Newton.  Winwick lies adjacent to Eccles.

St. Oswald at Winwick Parish

1573 August John Gee christened a son, no name given

1575 August John Gee christened a son, no name given

1577 Nov George no parent

1582 Nov John

1610 Aug. William a son of George

1612 Marie a dau of George

1614 Sep Thomas a son of George

1617 May Ann a dau of George

Ranulphe Kempe, Constable of Newton, doth present that 1595/96 James Gee servant to Jeffrey Hall of Newton, made an assault upon Raphe Bowker of Newton, and broke his head and drew blood; James is in mercy.

Warrington was on the way to Liverpool from Manchester and not from High Legh in Cheshire.

Warrington Parish


1642 a dau Mary

1644 a day Martha

1646 a son John


1694 a son John

1696 a dau Margaret

1702 a dau Ellen

1682 George Gee marie Elizabeth Smith or Norman

1681 William Gee married Rachel Dichfeild

1682 William Gee married Katteren Barnes

1693 Edward Gee married Lidiah Marrow

St. Mary, Bury


1633 John

1637 Anne

1638 Alice

1641 Alice

1644 Elizabeth

1645 Thomas

1648 Elizabeth

Gee entries are not among the records, after 1648 until the second decade of 18th century.


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