~ ~ London Parish Records

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Saint Michael Bassishaw, London

1554 Isabel Gee m. John Maior

Saint Giles Cripplegate, London

1588 John Gee m. Annes Morris

1598 Dorothie Gee m. Thomas Spencer

1616 Elizabeth Gee m. Edward Nicholls

1629 John Gee m. Isabell Steward

1658 Ann Gee m. Edward Roberts

1699 Zachariah Gee m. Anne Parr

Saint Bride Fleet St. London

1609 Danyell Gee m. Judeth

(no last name)

1652 Thomas Gee m. Katharin Holt

1654 Thomas Gee m. Mary Mills

Saint Thomas the Apostle, London

1633 Katherine Gee m. Robert Gilbone

1639 Daniel Gee m. Alice Sturmye

Saint James Dukes Place, London

1681 John Gee m. a White

1684 Elizabeth Gee m. James Beanch

1690 Hannah Gee m. John Squeaz

1692 Samuel Gee m. Elizabeth Bourn

1693 William Gee m. Elizabeth Cocket

1695 William Gee m. Elizabeth Harteridge

1696 Henry Gee m Arabella Wellar

1697 John Gee m. Rebeccah Cotton

1698 William Gee m. Elizabeth

Saint Paul Covent Garden

1673 Thomas Gee of  St. Dunstan in the West, gentleman, bachelor, about 32, and Mrs. Jane Rogers, of same spinster, about 22, her father’s consent

1682 Orlando Gee m. Ann Chilcott

Additional Marriage Records

1589 Anne Gee m. Richard Mason St. Margaret Lothbury, London

1593 Samuel Gee m. Cisley Alderson Saint Mary Woolnoth, London

1623 Gertrude Gee, widow of Richard Gee, Cordwainer, married William Overbury London Silkweaver, St. Peter’s Paul’s Wharf, London

1627 Elizabeth Gee m Thomas Browne Saint Mary Somerset, London

1647 Jane Gee m. Thomas Elmes Saint Katherine By The Tower, London

1648 Mathew Gee m. Elizabeth Hayes St. Margaret Pattens, London

1657, March 7  Charles Gee m. Mary Baucke, Stepney, London

1665 Frances Gee m Hana Peckover  Saint Matthew Friday Street, London

1667 Richard Gee; Mary Davis Saint James, Clerkenwell, London

1684 Samuel Gee of the Inner Temple, bachelor 23, married Katherine Moore of St. Mary, Aldermanbury, London, 22, her parents dead at St. Mary Islington

1686 Dorothy Gee m. Henry Smith,: Saint Bartholomew The Less, London

1695 Mary Gee m. Edward Heron Saint Dionis Backchurch, London

1697 Thomas Gee m. Dorothy Olde Allhallows London Wall, London

1724 Henry Gee, m. Ann Inglesby Lincolns Inn Chapel, Holbourn, London

Births and Marriages in London

St. Gregory by St. Paul

1560 Thomas Gee christened no parents

St Lawrence Pountney, London

Robert Gee

1562 a dau Anne

1564 a son Nathaniel

1570 a dau Abygall

William Gee m. 1658 Margret Dobyns

Mary Jee m. 1658 Richard Latheam

St. Martin Orgar and St. Clement Eastcheap

No Parent

1557 Elizabeth Gee

1558 Thomas Gee

1560 Robert Gee

St. Martin Ludgate, London

William Gee

1542 a dau Mary

Thomas Gee

1567 a son Caleb

1569 a son Joshua d 1573

1570 a dau Mary d. 1581

1572 a day Sara

1576 a dau Elizabeth

1578 a son Thomas

1581 a son Francis

1583 a son Francis

1584 a dau Anne

Edward Gee

1586 a son Walter

1588 a dau Judith

1589 a dau Sara

1591 a son Edward d. 1593

1593 a dau Amy

Richard Gee

1605 a son Richard d. 1605

1606 a son Abraham

Luke Gee

1630 a son Luke

Ralphe Gee

1631 a son Ralphe

1634 a son William

John Gee

1640 a son John

1598/99 Mary Gee, of St. Martin, Ludgate, London, widow of Thomas Gee, late of same, merchant to Rev. Father in God, John Sterne, Suffragan Bishop of Colchester at St. Martin, Ludgate.

St Botolph Without Aldgate, London

Richard Gee

1565 a dau Ellen d. 1572

1567 a son John

1570 a dau Joane

1573 a son Henry

1575 a dau Anne

1578 a son Balthazer

John Gee

1591 a dau Elizabeth

1593 a son Richard

1597 a dau Jeane

1599 a son Anthony d. 1599

1609 a son John

Richard Gee

1595 a son John

John Gee

1595 a son John d. 1603

1601 a dau Margreate d. 1602

1603 a son Thomas

1606 a dau Catherine

Balthasar Gee

1602 a son Thomas

1604 a dau Joyce d. 1604

1605 a son Anthonye d. 1609

Peter Gee

1609 a dau Katherine

1614 a dau Ann

John and Elizabeth Gee

1626 a dau Elizabeth

1631 a dau Frances

John and Susan Gee

1629 a dau Abigaile

1630 a son Thomas d. 1630

1631 a dau Susan

1633 a dau Jane

1634 a dau Katherine d. 1634

1635 a dau Susan

1638 a son John

1638 a son Thomas

1640 a dau Susan d. 1640

John and Ann

1641 a son George d. 1641

Peter and Abigaile Gee

1629 a dau Peter

Edward and Margrett Gee

1639 a dau Katherine

1642 a dau Lidia

Mathew and Elizabeth Gee

1655 a dau Elizabeth d. 1665

1656 a son Benjamin d. 1657

1658 a dau Mary

1660 a son Samuel d. 1661

1662 a dau Susanna

Henry and Mary Gee

1658 a dau Prudence

Thomas and Sarah Gee

1662 a dau Elizabeth

1664 a dau Sarah

William and Elizabeth Gee

1696 a son James

1601 William Gee Esquire an outer barrister of Linsoln’s Inn, widower, above 30, and Mary Crompton, of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, maiden, 28 or 19, daughter of Thomas Crompton of Hounslow, Middlesex, essq. Who consents at Hounslow

Saint Clement Danes, Westminster, London

Thomas Gee

1616 a dau Mary

Ann Gee m. Nicholas Cornwall 1588

John Gee m. Sarah Field 1655

St Botolph Bishopsgate

Thomas and Christian Gee

1636 a dau Marie

Thomas and Elizabeth Gee

1639 a dau Elizabeth

Henry and Mary Gee

1655 a son Henry

Richard and Elizabeth Gee

1676 a son Joseph

1593 Sibilla Gee m. John Jones

1654 Henry Gee m. Mary Rust

1698 Elizabeth Gee m John Crutchitt

St. Benet Paul’s Wharf

John Gee

1624 a dau Margaret

1626 a son Thomas

Saint Olave Hart Street

Thomas and Margarett Gee

1628 a son Christopher

St Vedast Foster Lane and St Michael le Querne, London

Ralphe Gee

1627 a son George

St. Andrew, Holborn

Joseph and Lidia Gee

1638 a dau Sara

John and Elizabeth Gee

1677 a son Zackariah

Thomas and Jane Gee

1674 a dau Jane

Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London


Edward and Margaret Gee

1638 a dau Cordelia

William and Dorothy Gee

1646 a dau Mary d. 1646

Nathaniell and Dorothy Gee

1657 a dau Elizabeth d. 1658

Nathaniell and Esther Gee

1686 a dau Esther

Thomas and Anne Gee

1686 a dau Anne

1689 a dau Elianor d. 1690

George and Elizabeth Gee

1695 a dau Elizabeth

1697 a son George

James and Anne Gee

1701 a son James


1592 Thomas Gee m. Bennet Quince

1597 Margaret Gee m. James Lether

1618 Sarah Gee m. Richard Gray

1628 Katherine Gee m. Henry Fearne

1636 Margaret Gee m. John Patton

1637 Edward Gee m. Margaret Fannicke

Holy Trinity in the Minories, London

Thomas and Elizabeth Gee

1644 a son Thomas

1645 a dau Elizabeth

Thomas and Mary Gee

1646 a dau Mary

1649 a son William

Saint Margaret, Westminster, London

John and Elizabeth Gee

1640 a son John

1642 a dau Elizabeth

1645 a son Andrew

1546 Alys Geem. William Pomerye

1565 John Gee m. Annys Dysnycke

1567 Agnes Gee m. Roberte Chicke

1582 Anne Gee m. James Atterbe

1589 Margaret Gee m. Leonard Carter

1634 Winifred Gee m. Alexander Dunbarr

1635William Gee m. Frances Browne

1648 George Gee m. Mary Wheeler

1652 Francis Gee m. William Nutkin

1657 John Gee m. Susanna Grimes

William Gee

1637 ason John

William and Frances Gee

1640 a son William

1642 a dau Joan

1645 a dau Elizabeth

1649 a son Moses

William and Elizabeth Gee

1678 a son William

All Hallows Staining, London

Samuel and Anne Gee

1647 a son Charles

1650 a son Samuel

1652 a son Thomas

1654  a son Humphrey

1656 a son Thomas

All Hallows London Wall

Edmund and Ann Gee

1652 a son Matthias

1654 a son Edward

1656 a son John

1657 a dau Elizabeth

1659 May 22 a son Joseph

1659 May 22 a son Benjamin

1661 a dau Anne

Anne m. John Cock Feb. 1678

Edward m. Mary Rose Jan. 1681

Saint Katherine By The Tower

Walter and Sarah Gee

1651 a dau Elizabeth

St Bride Fleet Street, London

Thomas and Mary Gee

1657 a son John

1655 a son Richard d. 1659

1656 a son Thomas d. 1660

Saint Andrew, Enfield, London

George and Isabel Gee

1669 a dau Sarah

1672 a son Richard

Benjamin and Mary Gee

1680 a son Armell

1684 a dau Mary

1687 a son Benjamine

1690 a dau Elizabeth

1668 Mary Gee m. William Wacket

1698 Ann Gee m. Henry Gidding

1696 Mary Gee m. Richard Simpson

Saint Olave, Southwark, Surrey

John and Ann Gee

1661 a son Henry d. 1664

1664 a dau Mary

Richard Gee

1656 a son Daniell

1658 a son Arthur

1660 a dau Rebecca

1663 a dau Sarah

1665 a dau Elizabeth

St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London

Thomas and Frances Gee

1669 a dau Anna

1670 a dau Elizabeth

1672 a son Thomas

1672 a son Francis

1675 a son Edward

Thomas and Elizabeth Gee

1683 a son John

1681 a son James


1582William Gee  m Grace Branche

1639 Edward Gee m. Joanna Baker

1655 Elizabeth Gee m. Robert Felbrigg

1662 Orlando Gee m. Elizabeth Barker

Saint Martin-Vintry, London

Moses and Joyce Gee

1677 a dau Elizabeth

1679 a son Moses

1681 a son Aaron

1682 a dau Mary

1684 a son Aaron

1686 a son Frances

1688 a son John

1690 a son William d. 1691

1692 a dau Joyce d. 1696

1695 a dau Frances

1698 a son Moses died as infant

1699 a dau Joyce

St. Andrew By The Wardrobe, London

John and Christian Gee

1681 a son John d. 1682

1683 a son Isaak d 1684

1685 a dau Sarah

1688 a dau Christian

1690 a dau Hana d. 1692

1693 a dau Elizabeth d. 1693

Saint Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London

Samuel and Kathrine Gee

1685 a dau Ann

1688 a son John

Samuel and Elizabeth Gee

1692 a dau Sarah

1695 a son Samuel

St. Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London

Thomas and Ann Gee

1686 a son Thomas

George and Mary Gee

1695 a son William

1696 a dau Mary

1700 a dau Sarah

1702 a dau Mary

Saint Anne Soho, Westminster

William and Joyce Gee

1688 a son William

St. Andrew Hoborn

John and Sarah Gee

1694 a son Thomas

Francis and Sarah Gee

1695 a son Francis

John and Elizabeth Gee

1699 a son John

St. James, Westminster, London

Thomas and Elizabeth Gee

1688 a dau Elizabeth

St Sepulchre, London

Edward and Ann Gee

1697 a dau Ann

All Hallows the Great, London

Ephraim and Elizabeth Gee

1697 a dau Elizabeth


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