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By the end of the 17th century, Bristol, in Gloucester, had become a center for sugar processing and trade in cane, cotton and tobacco as well as a hub for the slave trade in Africa.  The parish records of Gloucester indicate a Gee family there, but it is is not clear this group is from those in Lancashire and Cheshire.

Chipping Sodbury

1632 Henrie son of Thomas

Westbury – on

1621 Thomas m. Edith Taylor

1622 William son of Thomas


1677 Anne Dau of Samuel

Moreton, widow (given as John in index) sisters son Jn Gee & his son Henry; sis Eliz Gee; kinsman Joseph Gee & his childr Rich & Margt; Wlm Gee noted among other persons.

Moreton In Marsh

1628 John son of Richard

1688/89 James son of James;


1703 William son of James

1647 William son of Luke

1649 John son of Luke

1655 Richard son of Luke


St. Augustine the Less

1632 John m. Martha Smyth

St Phillip and St Jacob’s

1624Margerie m. Will Wallop

1663 Dorryty m. Nicklas Willise


The Pirate, Black Bart, Bartholomew Roberts, and Captain Gee

In June 1720 having just captured and killed the governor of Martinique, Black Bart sailed to Africa and captured four ships, keeping one for himself.  He then sailed to Liberia where he captured the Royal Africa Company’s ship the Onslow commanded by Captain Gee.  The cargo was worth nine thousand pounds.  Roberts kept the Onslow renaming it the Royal Fortune.  Captain Gee had taken the Onslow to Sestos, to get water and necessary supplies for the company.  Many of Captain Gee’s men were ashore when Roberts attacked.  Captain Gee was given a lesser ship by Roberts, who also invited some of the Onslow crew to join him, which they did.  Roberts then refitted the Onslow and mounted her with 40 guns. Roberts died in 1721 during a brief battle off the coast of Gabon. Later his crew was captured and tried.

Another Sea Port was Portsmouth in Hampshire

Saint Thomas, Portsmouth

1678 James m. Anne Goddard,

1685 Son John, 1679 Son James, 1692 Son Thomas