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Gees ‘n More is a tracing of  my branch of the Gee Family that came to the shores of America in the 17th century and settled initially in Southside Virginia.  Included is an exploration of the Gees of England.

The “More” in Gees n’ More represents the families of the women who married into the Gee family in my direct line.

These families are documented up to their linkage with the Gee Family:

Neville branches of Virginia and Maryland;

Hancock with Spencer, Holt and Philips included from Surry County;

Heath with an extensive exploration of lines in Virginia and Maryland prior to 1810.

Jones of Surry and Prince George Counties is a work in progress, and may or may not eventually provide a link to the original Hannah Gee.

Families yet to be included are Williamson of South Carolina which will include King; and Duncans of Tennessee and Arkansas

This is a work in progress and your comments are welcome and encouraged.  I enjoy hearing from the many researchers who find these pages.  Good hunting!  I hope you enjoy your visit.


P. S. Because this site was becoming too large, and much of the family information included collateral lines, not directly linked to my Gee family and the families of their wives, I have moved material to a sister site, Allied Families,  where you will find my research on the Jones Families of Virginia, Heath Families, and Chappell Families.  I encourage you to visit and leave comments that will help others.

P.S. There is also a sister site which is being developed for the Nichols Family at



34 thoughts on “Contents ©2009 Kathryn Gearhart

  1. geesnmore says:

    Thank you Mandy….
    I am no longer working on this material, but I am comfortable with you interpretation and thank you for this correction.

  2. Mandy Goodman says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    I am a Heath descendant and wanted to give you some information that might be helpful to you. I have a copy of the will of Robert Heath who married Annamargaret (Margaret) I will add it below. Someone, at some time misread the will and thought Margaret was Margaret Aileen, but it is clear in the will that they had a son named Riland (Ryland) and Margaret was only referred to as Margaret (in later deeds “Annamargaret” ) so perhaps Riland was mistaken for Aileen. I cannot find any document that gives her name as Margaret Aileen.

    Last Will and Testamant of Robert Heath stands this Vizt
    In the name of God Amen I Robert Heath of the County of Currituck and province of North Carolina Being sick and weak in Body and calling to mind that it is appointed for all once to Dy(sic) Do make and ordain this my Last will and testament in manar (sic) as followeth(sic)
    I give and bequeath to my son Rilane (sic) heath (sic) the plantation and land that I now live on and that land that Elizabeth Blunt now lives on the tract containing two hundred acres to him and his heirs forever not for him to have the Liberty of selling till he arrives to the years of thirty one and one hand mill and my house.I give and bequeath to my son Robert heath fifty acres of land lying on the Breyere (sic) thicket on the norwest (sic) corner of the sd thicket and fifty acres in a place Cold Bearpen Ridge to him and his heirs forever.
    I give and bequeath unto my son James heath (sic) one hundred acres of land being part of the Breyere (sic)Thicket Joying his Brother Robert’s land and Caleb Powers line to him and his heirs forever.
    I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Margaret heath fifty acres of land a place Cal’d the Didin (sic) Ground to her & her heirs forever
    I give and bequeath to my daeter (sic) Elizabeth heath one large iron pot and one feather bed and furniture such as belongs to sd bed and one heffer(sic) to hir and hir heirs forever
    Item I give and bequeath to my Dafter Mary heath (sic) one Iron pot of about fivee (sic) Gallons & one feather Bed & furniture such as belongs to the Bed and one two year old heffer (sic)
    I give and bequeath to my beloved wiff(sic) all the Rest of my estate that is not already given after my Just Debts in Duly paid out of the both personal and Real Likewise I apint (sic) my wife my hole (sic) and Sole Excr of this my last will and testament Revoking all other wills ass witness my hand and seall (sic) this Sevententh (sic) day of May Ano (sic) Domini 1762
    Robert Heath and a Seal
    Interlined intwo please (sic)
    to him and his heirs forever before
    Signed Sealed and delivered in Recorded this 25th Oct Ano (sic) Domini 1762
    presents of us
    William Williams Jurat
    Moses Bunnell Jurat
    John Chrismund

    Also, it appears to me that the Elizabeth Blount/Blunt was the widow of Nehemiah Heath, brother of Robert (d1762). Nehemiah’s will dated 1749/50 was witnessed by William Blunt, who’s will dated 11 Apr 1758 mentioned wife Elizabeth. The land she lived on (see deed below) had belonged to Nehemiah.
    Nehemiah in his will left his plantation to wife Elizabeth and then to brother Robert Heath. This land to go to Robert if Elizabeth married. Robert died 1762 and in his will gives land to his son Riland “whereon Elizabeth Blunt now lives” (she must have married between 1750 and 1758 ) and says that Riland can sell the land when he is 31.
    Riland must have sold the land because in 1772 Soley Mason of Pasquotank, tavern keeper, deeded to Annemargert Heath, widow woman, cons. 10 pounds proc., during natural life of Elizabeth Blunt, widow of William Blunt, dec’d., a plantation or certain tract of 100A on n w of West fork of Tules Creek, adj. John Hughs’ land, a plantation formerly belonging to Nehemiah Heath and was the manner plantation.

    I hope this will help. There are so many Roberts and James-es it is hard to keep track, but I believe that you have the will of Robert 1762 and the will of Robert 1795 mixed up in regards to Riland/Ryland and the Elizabeth Blunt land

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    Thank you for posting your excellent work!

    Mandy Grantham Goodman

  3. geesnmore says:

    Thank you,
    It is a frequent problem, and Ancestry does nothing when I contact them.

  4. Kathryn, In searching Abraham Heath on, I found that someone had uploaded your report with your copyright information. I googled you and found this site. Wanted to let you know.

  5. Peggy Fontenot says:

    I descend from the Jones and Lightfoot families. I have traced the Lightfoot line back to the Patawomeck Indians of VA, but have nothing on the Jones line prior to William Jones who married Nancy Lightfoot who was born in KY in 1807.

    I have read that the Robert Jones family traveled with the Lightfoot family from VA to KY with the Methodist Revival in the late 1790’s.

    Are you familiar with this Jones family?

  6. Gerry Hill says:

    I lost my data base of 38 years work, and am trying to piece some of it together again. I had downloaded the small tree I had on Ancestry. We share the Chappell’s and related lines- I have Cox, Hale etc. Your work there, looked good- I was particularly looking for early history on John C and Thomas B. A whole lot of what I find, is material I put on in earlier years.

  7. geesnmore says:

    Thank you,
    I am not finished with the Gees of England… still researching and learning more and more about the people of Cheshire and Manchester.
    The photo is Barton Old Hall, Eccles Parish, Salford Hundred
    I quote from my writing…
    “It appears that Gees had been affiliated with Eccles Parish from very early. Eccles Parish is across the river adjacent to Manchester Parish and Stretford. It included the townships of Barton-upon Irwell, Clifton, Pendlebury, Pendleton, Irlam, and Worsley. The town of Barton-upon-Irwell was also called Eccles, and is known by that name today. The church at Eccles (Barton-upon-Irwell) in Eccles Parish is St. Mary the Virgin. The Manor of Barton belonged to the Booth family, until 1586 when it came under the control of the Trafford family of Stretford and Trafford. Agriculture, including oats and barley, along with cottage industries, such as weaving in linen and wool, were the sources of income.
    It is unclear if this family is descended from Thomas of Salford or the Gee family in Stretford. There are numerous references to people from Eccles in the Stretford register, so clearly commerce and families existed between the two areas.
    There are some possible clues and connections. First both families used the name John, Richard and Edmunde (Edward). No record of an Edward Gee has been found at Stretford, but the use of the name in the earliest generations point to a senior Edward, either father or grandfather of those raising families in the early portion of the 16th century. The earlies known Edmund Gee is found at Barton on Irewell. He died in 1563. I believe he is a progenitor for many of the Barton on Irewell family, and is connected to the Gee family in Stretford.”

  8. Cynthia Green Dean says:

    I am a Gee descendant as follows: Charles & Hannah-Henry-James Gee & Mary Walker-Isabella
    Gee m. Benj. Chapman-Isabella Chapman m. Arthur Lewis- Arthur Lewis, Jr.- Luna Lewis m. S. Paul Green-H. Guy Green-to me, Cynthia. I just stumbled onto this geesnmore site trying to help a friend who is writing a story for her historical society’s newsletter about Gee’s Bend & Joseph4 Gee and his nephews, Sterling and Charles. Her Society is going to visit Gee’s Bend this Thurs. (8-4-16). What a wonderful work you have done. I have a copy of The Gee Family by W, J. Fletcher, which carries my line to Isabella Chapman & Arthur Lewis. What is the picture of the old house at the top? Is that a Gee family home?

  9. Bradley Brent Cavedo says:

    Do you have any information as to where James Nevil of Goochland and Albemarle Cos. VA (Col. James Nevil of Amherst) is buried? He is an ancestor of the Brents of Nelson Co. from whom I am descended. Thank you.

  10. Rick Begley says:

    In the entry for Adam Heath, I believe you have made an error. On March 3, 1684/5, Adam Heath and Ed Green appraised the estate of Peter Bagley (not Bagby) on behalf of Peter’s son Hugh Bagley. I have an image of the original entry bearing Adam’s mark if you are interested.

    I have a pedigree from myself through my father’s (Begley) line to Peter Bagley and am currently working on the pedigree through my mother’s line (Heath) to Adam Heath.

  11. Lisa Lawson says:

    I’m a descendant of Rebecca Gee and you mention that she’s listed in Henry Gee’s Bible. Can you tell me how you located the information in his Bible? I’ve not been able to find much on her at all.
    Thank you,

  12. Dear Kathryn- This is great. My lineage is through Mary Fletcher Gee and Thomas Monroe Nichols. They are my great grandparents. Is there any way I can get more information on the Nichols line? I have The Nichols Book written by Wyatt M. Nichols, Sr and Nichols Families of America written by his wife Pearl C NIchols. They visited some of my Oklahoma relatives Velma and Fred Stein Green and Vergie and Carl Fenderson. These books have been in my family all these years, but I did not ask how we are connected to Wyatt and Pearl. Now all the people who would have known are gone. My Aunt Velma had a Nichols reunion in 1996. She recreated the log dugout our great grandparents built and even dug a well with a draw bucket. Again, I did not ask enough questions. I remember some of Jesse NIchols and Susan Nichols Hall lineage were there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. geesnmore says:

    Sorry my friend, but Nichols Bunch must remain private.

  14. darthevader says:

    good info here would like to see more as there are so many common names with my tree.

  15. geesnmore says:

    Thanks Steve,
    As I recall it was spelled Antheny… but spelling was a creative process… this is a woman.

  16. Steven Umberger says:


    I am researching the Hancocks-, in particular, Anthony Hancock of Red House Va who had a son Martin and a daughter Nancy who married James Arthur Cheatham. Anthony Hancock and another son Douglas, moved with Nancy and the Cheathams to Jefferson County Georgia. There are Clement Hancocks among their descendants and I have seen speculation that Clement and wife Antheny were his parents. Also, I noted that in an accounting of Clement’s inventory, there is a payment to an Anthony Hancock. Is this a typo that should read “Antheny” or is it possibly to Anthony of Red House? I’ve seen only the online abbreviated snippets of the Clement Hancock inventory/estate, so I can’t tell if the original is “Anthony or Antheny” or what the payment from the estate was for.

    Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. I admire your blog and appreciate the untold hours of research indicated by the content.

    Steve Umberger

  17. geesnmore says:

    I am assuming you are referring to Edmund Gee of Darlington, South Carolina. I have no information, however I refer you to the Darlington Historical Society. They have a superb genealogy department.
    Best of luck to you.

  18. Phillip M. Johnson says:

    Dear Ms. Kathryn,

    I’m seeking a possible likeness of a male bond-servant of Edmund Gee whose name was Alfred….Alfred Rush. This request is in response to Mr. Randy McAllister, great-great nephew of Mr. Alfred Rush, seeking to find a picture or general description of his ancestor. It should be noted, that Mr. Rush became a .S.C. House of Representative Member during the Reconstruction Era, 1868-1870 and 1874-1876, being felled by assassins’ bullets on May 13, 1876 as he approached home with his beloved wife. We thank you for your assistance in whatever you maybe able to provide. Be blessed.

    Phillip M. Johnson – T.R.P.

  19. Mike Gee says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    Mike Gee here. I sent you a message on Facebook. It should be in your “Other” messages.

  20. Donna Sumner Shapiro (mother was a Neville descendant) says:

    I may be able to help with the John Neville and Sarah Dodson conundrum. I believe the confusion here arose from Renwick Neville’s files. The accepted theory at the moment is that John Neville (Neavill) III, son of John Neville (Neavill) JR (d. 1768 Fauquier Co VA) is the one who married Sarah Dodson. She was born 1732, I believe, to Thomas Dodson. The John Neville here who died Isle of Wight 1740 did not marry Sarah Dodson.

    I am interested in finding male descendants of the Gloucester and Isle of Wight Nevilles who carry the surname Neville to join a Y-DNA project. My male Neville relatives have been tested with some very interesting results. If you know of anyone who I could contact, or you could contact for me, for this purpose, I would be most grateful.

    Thank you.


  21. geesnmore says:

    A typo… I don’t have my notes available, or the time right now to correct. I suspect the death date is the wrong one.
    Sorry, If I get time I’ll try to correct it later.
    Thanks for pointing this out.

  22. Dear Kathryn,
    In looking at your Nevill family, you have the following: “John Neville married Sarah Dodson, daughter of Thomas Dodson and Elizabeth Rose. Sarah was born May 27, 1743 in Isle of Wight. He died in Isle of Wight in January, 1740.”

    So the dates obviously don’t match with him dying in 1740 and her birth in 1743. I have done a cursory online search but am still confused about who this John who died in 1740 married. Thanks for clearing this up.

    Gayle Mandell (formerly Norvell)

  23. Mary says:

    I am the voluntary researcher working for the Bedfordshire Family History Society and have been commissioned by Chris Heath to work on his and other Heath researcher’s origins here in the U.K..
    I found what you have to say most interesting and would like to discuss this more with you.

  24. Tricia Collins says:

    Thanks for all of your interesting, good work. I am a descendant of James & Mary Walker Gee.

  25. geesnmore says:

    You can post as a comment on the bottom of the page. I will approve and then it will be there.
    Thanks for wanting to share

  26. Mary Williams says:

    Great information on the Matthew Jones line. At last I have found something that agrees with my information. I do have the line on down, but don’t know how to post it to your site. Would love to share since you have been so gracious to share your information.
    Mary Williams

  27. geesnmore says:

    Thanks, I can’t recall the names of his sons. Sorry. It has been awhile.

  28. Clayton Lewis says:

    This was a great find and a fun read. I am looking for information concerning the Gee family in Sumter County, Alabama. I believe these are the sons of Jeremiah Gee that you noted but did not name. Were his sons’ named John H. Gee and Theodore Gee.

    Thank you,

  29. stephanie cation flagg says:

    Thank you for researching and sharing! This is wonderful! I began searching by helping my daughter with her 5th grade family tree project. I have enjoyed reading all the amazing stories!

  30. Actually there is a bit of history that could be missing. Henry Chapman did marry Sarah Gee as you stated. It looks as if she may have lived longer than you stated as she had 6 children with the last one born in 1805 named Ambrose. Here is a website that gives the Chapman background

    I did enjoy learning about the Gee’s no doubt though.

    Karl Blackstock

  31. geesnmore says:

    Thank you

  32. Donna Parten says:

    I want to compliment you on your map of the early VA counties. Others I’ve seen, even in texts, aren’t this clear. Now I can see exactly where my people were as they moved thru Henrico and Prince George counties, their proximity to the river and its routes. I have DNA connections with surnames in your Jones Allied Families doc but havent yet pinned down the actual distant-cousin relationship. Your work is extremely helpful.

  33. geesnmore says:

    Dear Allen,
    I wish I could help. I really don’t have any further information.
    Good luck,

  34. Allen Breed says:

    Dear Kathryn,

    My name is Allen Breed, and I have been looking for information on a Samuel Dalling. I noticed you had several references to him in your piece about the Jones family of Northhampton County, NC. I have those deeds and many other documents, but I’m wondering if you’ve run across other items related to him. I’ve been trying to make a connection between him and tha slave named Benjamin. The records for Northhampton County for that period are scant, and I’ve always thought Samuel was more than just someone who traded land and witnessed deeds with the Joneses. I wonder if his first wife, Mary, was a Jones. I have never found a record of their marriage in New Hampshire, where he was born and died. And I think he might have acquired Benjamin through an estate or gift, perhaps while he was in the Northhampton area. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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