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Gees ‘n More is a tracing of  my branch of the Gee Family that came to the shores of America in the 17th century and settled initially in Southside Virginia.  Included is an exploration of the Gees of England.

The “More” in Gees n’ More represents the families of the women who married into the Gee family in my direct line.

These families are documented up to their linkage with the Gee Family:

Neville branches of Virginia and Maryland;

Hancock with Spencer, Holt and Philips included from Surry County;

Heath with an extensive exploration of lines in Virginia and Maryland prior to 1810.

Jones of Surry and Prince George Counties is a work in progress, and may or may not eventually provide a link to the original Hannah Gee.

Families yet to be included are Williamson of South Carolina which will include King; and Duncans of Tennessee and Arkansas

This is a work in progress and your comments are welcome and encouraged.  I enjoy hearing from the many researchers who find these pages.  Good hunting!  I hope you enjoy your visit.


P. S. Because this site was becoming too large, and much of the family information included collateral lines, not directly linked to my Gee family and the families of their wives, I have moved material to a sister site, Allied Families,  where you will find my research on the Jones Families of Virginia, Heath Families, and Chappell Families.  I encourage you to visit and leave comments that will help others.

P.S. There is also a sister site which is being developed for the Nichols Family at